On March 10th, 2024, Luis, one of our UK clients, has bought a vintage carousel horse from Dinis. He has a theme park and wanted to add a classic style amusement equipment suitable for both kids and adults. So we recommend him the vintage carousel horse for sale. Now, let’s see the details.

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Customized Design of the Antique Carousel Horse for Sale

Before that, we had designed and produced a kind of antique merry go round for our client. So we send him the picture for him as a reference. And then he expressed his love and came up with some other customized ideas about the carousel ride he wanted.

antique merry go round horse for sale
  • First, the theme color should be designed into yellow; We all know that this color can bring passengers classic and retro visual feeling.

  • Second, on the cornice, there should be landscape painting of the famous buildings or popular scenic spots in UK.

  • Third, crown shape should appear on the cornice, which is the most conspicuous location.

36 Seater Vintage Merry Go Round in Theme Park

According to Luis’s requirements, we designed a customized antique merry go round for him. You can see in the picture, we manufactured such a vintage merry go round for Luis. It can load 36 passengers when loaded. There are not only carousel horse shape, but also carriage shape on the turntable. Luis put it in the theme park that has lots of customs coming including kids, family members, young adults and also the old. Therefore 36 seater is enough to meet most passengers’ need. Especially for kids and family groups, they are the main customers group to play the carousel ride.

36 passenger vintage carousel horse in theme park

The Best Quality We Use of the Carousel Horse Vintage for Sale

What’s more, Luis asked us the materials we used for the antique carousel horse.

  • To be honest, for carousel ride, we use FRP to produce the horse shape, central pillar, cornice, etc. It can make the merry go round corrosion resistant, wear resistant and not easy to fade. So you can use it for at least 8-10 years and the appearance is still bright and beautiful.

  • And we use high-quality steel to produce its main frames. It can make the equipment sturdy and then make sure the safety of people. You know that the safety of the equipment will influence the reputation, profits, etc of your business. So in our factory, we pay more attention to the safety and the quality of our equipment.

FRP vintage merry go round for sale in Dinis

Feedback of the Vintage Carousel Horse for Sale to UK

After operating the vintage carousel ride about one months, Luis send us an email and expressed his pleasure.

“It runs well and plays a perfect role in my park. Kids love it so much and many parents are willing to carry their children to play it together. I must to say the quality is really good, because I almost don’t need maintain it frequently everyday. Thanks for your reliable equipment and I will recommend to my friends later.”


All in all, this vintage carousel horse for sale to UK gets popularity with most people. We hope Luis can make more profits from it. If you have any questions, contact us now!