The pirate ship amusement park ride is a swing amusement device that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. And it imitates the real pirate ship in ancient times, and it also has other names such as viking ship, pirate boat, swing ship and etc. Besides, the pirate ship is an essential entertainment facility in the playground. And many passengers like to go to the amusement park to play swing ships. So in order to meet the preferences of most passengers, Dinis Amusement Company has designed and produced the pirate ship amusement park ride for sale. And then if you are interested, please contact us.

Next, let’s learn more information about our pirate ship amusement park ride including its different shape and driving principle.

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Ice pirate ship amusement park ride for sale

ice pirate ship amusement ride

The ice pirate boat amusement park ride is a new type of amusement equipment inspired by the famous Disney animation “Frozen”. We all know that the movie is very popular with children. So we specially designed this swing ship based on children’s curiosity and interest. What’s more, the overall color of the equipment is white and blue. And the surroundings are decorated with snowflakes. So the ice viking ship can quickly attracts people’s attention.

What’s more, when the equipment is running, passengers seem to enter the world of ice and snow and play with Princess Elsa. And the passengers are happy and exciting when they ride. In addition, there are LED lights with the ice viking ship. Especially at night, as the equipment runs, the colorful rights will glow, making the swing ship look more beautiful. Besides, in order to increase the amusement experience, our equipment can add a variety of ice and snow designs. So if you need, please contact us.

Dragon pirate ship in the playground

dragon pirate boat rides in amusement park

The dragon-shaped pirate ship imitates the image of a mysterious dragon in Chinese legend. And the head and tail of the dragon are very realistic. With the operation of the equipment, it seems like passengers sit on the back of the dragon and ride the dragon with wind and waves. So that will be very exciting. What’s more, the color of the dragon swing ship is not fixed, so you can send us your favorite color. And then we will paint the customized pirate ship equipment according to your requirements.

What is The driving principle of pirate ship amusement park ride?

We fix the beams of the swing ship firmly on the four diagonal columns at the four corners. And we suspend the hull on the middle beam. What’s more, we use rolling bears to connect the suspension part and the beam. Because it can ensure that the hull swings back and forth at a certain angle. And in order to provide power for the swing of the hull, we install a transmission system at the bottom of the hull. That is to drive the driving wheels to rotate in two opposite directions and ensure that the hull reciprocates in two directions.

Since the motion of the hull is mainly driven by the friction between the driving wheel and the guide rail, the driving wheel and the guide rail must be in close contact to ensure that there is an appropriate positive pressure. When the hull moves to the right, the left driving wheel drives. And the right driving wheel and the hull guide rail separate from each other. When the hull moves to the left, the right driving wheel drives. And the left driving wheel and the hull guide rail separate from each other. So during the movement of the hull, this way can avoid excessive friction between the driving wheels on opposite sides. Because that will affect the movement of the hull or cause the hull to stop swinging. And then affect the mood of the passengers.

amusement park pirate ship ride

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