Vintage amusement park trains for sale in Dinis are classic trains with antique locomotive and cabins. And compared to common train fun rides, the difference is that vintage amusement park train has vintage theme. Because the antique locomotives and cabins with vintage theme, they are popular in amusement parks, farms, shopping malls, and other recreational areas.

Furthermore, our factory uses best FRP to make train’s appearance, and best Q235 steel to make train’s frame. Moreover, our company also uses professional production crafts to make vintage amusement park train rides. So you can use our amusement park antique trains without worry. And the train will be quickly popular among all ages in your amusement parks.

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In Dinis, our amusement park vintage train rides have different sizes: large, medium, and small. So you can choose suitable size according to your amusement park venue and your needs. Next let’s see large size and small size of vintage amusement park trains.

Large vintage amusement park trains for sale


70 passengers



Locomotive Size

4×1.8×2.35 m

Cabin Size

4×1.8×2.5 m

Drive Mode

Lead-acid battery(12 pieces 6 V 200 A batteries)/ Diesel Engines


20-25 km/h

Limit Slope

≤ 5%

Turning Radius

≥18 m

large antique train for amusement park

Of course, if you want to add the quantity of the carriage, we can provide customized service with you according to your requirements and needs. So just tell us your idea, and then we can produce the suitable vintage amusement park train ride you are satisfied with.

Small Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale

small antique amusement park train

Small vintage amusement park train rides for sale have a cute locomotive and small attractive carriages. And we know that almost all people are interested in cute and beautiful small train rides, especially kids. So antique small amusement park train ride for sale becomes very popular among children by virtue of its cute and attractive appearance.


16-24 passengers



Locomotive Size

3×1.05×1.86 m

Cabin Size

1.62×0.98×1.97 m

Drive Mode

Lead-acid battery(5 pieces of 12 V 150 A batteries)


≤7 km/h

Limit Slope

≤ 3°

Turning Radius

≥3 m

Moreover, comparing to large and medium vintage amusement park train rides, small size antique amusement park train ride is so small. But the power of amusement park small antique trains is enough to go anywhere in your parks. So you may not worry about its power.

In short, our all size vintage amusement park train rides for sale are popular with people in parks. And more and more people like to ride on the trains. So you can buy our different sizes amusement park vintage trains for your parks, farm, shopping mall, etc. Moreover, you can choose trackless style and track style. And also its drive mode: electric and diesel. Then you can choose a suitable vintage trains for amusement park according to your needs.

Why Our Antique Amusement Park Trains Are Popular?

Nowadays, amusement park becomes a hot entertainment place. So our company designs vintage amusement park trains for funfair. Because vintage amusement park train has a classic locomotive and many antique carriages, it becomes more and more popular. Furthermore, themes of our vintage amusement park trains for sale have changed quickly, and the train is popular, too. For example, following two cabins are hot selling and popular vintage amusement park train sets in our company.

One popular product: amusement park vintage steam train

Amusement park vintage steam train is a classic train with steam engine. Due to vintage amusement park steam train’s attractive appearance and steam engine, it becomes an “internet celebrity” fun rides in parks. Besides, because it spews steam as like a real old steam train, it also can inspire adults and kids’ interests to experience the train. Certainly, our antique amusement park train for sale has a bright color in appearance and cute decoration in cabins. So it is more and more popular.

Antique Train Rides for Sale

another popular train ride: vintage trackless amusement park train

vintage trackless amusement park train

When it comes to trackless train rides, vintage trackless amusement park train is a classic and common train ride. And if you use the vintage trackless funfair train in the amusement park, you will find that it is very convenient to go anywhere. Generally, funfair is so large that you need to put more amusement sets in your park. So our trackless vintage amusement park trains for sale are suitable for your parks. Besides, all ages passengers (3-5 years old, 5-15 years old, over 15 years old) can ride on your vintage amusement park trackless train rides.

What’s more, amusement park is a popular entertainment destination. And our vintage amusement park trains can offer unique and exciting ride experience for passengers. With their classic locomotives, antique carriages, various and changing themes, our trains appeal to all ages. So our vintage amusement park trains are great choice for you.

And if you have any questions about our vintage amusement park trains, please contact us now! Then we will reply you as soon as possible.