Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale — Fun and Exciting Amusement Equipment for Your Business

A high-quality equipment is essential to attracting and retaining customers. One of the most popular and iconic rides for children is the kiddie carousel. And kids of all ages love it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new addition to your business, you can consider kiddie carousel rides for sale.

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Our toddler carousel ride is a classic and fun addition to any amusement park or entertainment business. And it is suitable for young children. In addition, with different sizes and themes available, we also offer customization services to meet your specific needs.

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Next, we have listed some common questions from customers. And then we also attached our responses. Because we believe that it can help you choose the most suitable and satisfactory kiddie carousel rides.

What should you know about our Kiddie Carousel Rides For Sale ?

Carousel horses for children to ride are kinds of classic carousel ride and suitable for young children. And they are typically featured brightly-colored horses or other animals mounted on a spinning platform. Besides, carousel ride uses an electric motor. So children can enjoy the thrill of going up and down as they spin around.

For the capacity, we have different sizes for you to choose including the smaller one (3/6 passengers), the medium size (12/16 passengers), and the larger one (24/36 passengers). Customization service is also supported in Dinis. So just tell us how many passengers of kids carousels for sale you want to hold. And then we will design the one you want.

3 seats kiddie carousel rides for sale

What’s more, different sizes have kinds of types for you too. For example, the animal theme, cartoon theme,vintage theme, classic theme, and new antique one. And each kids amusement park carousel with different themes can be made into different seats.

kids carousel rides for sale

Besides, we are willing to design and custom the theme you want. For example, we have produced the pink ocean kiddie carousel for sale for our clients from England successfully. ( If you need, we can share the photos and videos that the customer feedback after receiving the kiddie carousel )

Why Choose Kiddie Carousel Rides for sale ?— Necessary Amusement Equipment for You

Kiddie carousel rides is suitable for almost all the places. For example, the family yard, garden, amusement park, children’s play centers , playground and etc. And also kiddie carousel rides for sale are a great addition to any amusement park or entertainment business for several reasons.

Dinis 6 seat kids carousel

Firstly, generations of children will enjoy a classic ride. Because most parents and grandparents often have fond memories of riding carousels when they were young. And they love to share that experience with their own children and grandchildren.

Secondly, kiddie carousel rides for sale are a relatively low-maintenance ride. So they do not require a lot of upkeep or repairs. And they are also easy to operate. Therefore, they are a great choice for small businesses or those with limited resources, the amusement parks, playground and etc.

Finally, children carousels are a profitable investment. Because they are popular with children. And parents are often willing to pay for their children to ride them multiple times especially on weekends or on vacation. What’s more, this can help increase the passenger volume and increase your revenue and profits eventually.

What factors should you consider when purchasing kiddie carousel rides for sale?— Get The Best One

We recommend you to pay attention to the following points. And then you will get the most suitable kids ride on carousel for sale.

First, it is important to look for a reputable manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality rides. You can search online for amusement equipment manufacturers, or you can attend amusement park trade shows to see the latest models in person. And then maybe you will find a great manufacturer which is specialized in kiddie carousel rides.

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Dinis have more than 20 years of experience in the production and export of amusement equipment. And our products not only have complete certificates, but also have customers in every country in the world. Besides, we also have received unanimous praise and good reviews from domestic and foreign customers.

Second, you should also consider factors of kids carousel rides such as size, capacity, and safety features. So that you can ensure that whether the ride is appropriate for your business and the kiddie customers or not. We design our carousel  with handrails and pedals and provide extra safety measures for young children. For adding safety, we also recommend that children under the age of three ride the carousel with a parent or guardian.

At last, kiddie carousel ride is a fun and exciting addition to any amusement park or entertainment business. By choosing a high-quality ride from a reputable manufacturer, you can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for children. And that can increase your profits at the same time.

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How do you install and do maintenance? — One-stop Service for You

We will provide you with extra spare parts for the children’s carousel for sale. So that you can replace them in case of any issues. Additionally, we will send you a detailed instructional manual.

And the daily maintenance of the children’s carousel is very simple to operate. You just need check the chains and tires of the children’s carousel and apply some gear oil and etc. Our sale agent and technical staff are available to answer your questions. So we will provide technical support at any time.

The following are some questions from our clients maybe you are interested in

What music does kiddie carousel ride play ?

The carousel has a music system and built-in SD card. It means that the ride can play a variety of songs and music. And we can customize the playlist to suit your preferences.

Can I adjust the exterior decoration of the carousel?

Yes, we accept painting colors and decoration designs. And we can design according to your requirements. What’s more, the inner roof and stickers of the carousel can be customized based on the customer’s photos, such as local buildings, scenery, cartoon characters, and more. And the theme and logo of the carousel can also be tailored to your needs.

How long is the warranty ?

We provide one year warranty after leaving the factory, free replacement of parts for non-human-caused damages and lifelong technical support. Because we understand that safety is a top priority for the amusement equipment.

12 seats kiddie merry go round rides for sale

What is the drive mode of the kiddie carousel ride for you to choose ?

Our kids carousel for sale is powered by two types of power: one is being an upper drive where the motor is on top. And the other is a lower drive where the motor at the bottom drives the turntable.

Can it be placed outdoors?  What about rainy and snowy weather?

The material of kiddie carousel ride is fiberglass which is suitable for outside. And it is rainproof, waterproof, sunscreen. More importantly, the umbrella of the carousel is made of environmentally friendly waterproof materials. And it can be equipped with curtains, giving it a more versatile and customized look. Of course, you can choose from either fabric or PVC materials for the umbrella. In short, the kiddie carousel can work outdoors without any pressure.

What kind of coin the Carousel will be used ?

The coin system of the carousel for sale for kids can be customized according to customer’s needs, making it an ideal attraction for amusement parks, carnivals, and other events. Finally, our carousel is made of FRP and fiberglass, ensuring that it is durable and it remains bright and vibrant color even after prolonged use.

In short, if you have other questions about our kiddie carousel rides for sale, welcome to contact us and get answers!