If you are looking for a classic amusement park ride, please choose us. Because in Dinis, our products can provide safe and exciting experience for riders of all ages. And our Coffee Cup Rides for Sale are one of the excellent rides. With customized features, high-quality materials and easy operation, coffee cup ride is the perfect addition to any amusement park or carnival. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our Spinning Teacup Ride for Sale!

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Introduction of coffee cup rides for sale in Dinis

Dinis is proud to offer the latest family rotary ride—coffee cup ride to you. And it is one of the representative amusement facilities of amusement parks and carnivals for decades.

Our coffee cup amusement ride brings the safe and exciting experience for riders of all ages. Especially for the family members. Because The Tea Cup Ride for Sale is a spinning ride that consists of several tea cup-shaped vehicles. And it can accommodate up to many passengers at once which makes it an ideal ride for families and groups. What’s more, this ride is ready to spin at a moderate speed, providing a thrilling yet safe experience for riders of all ages.

Capacity 24 /36 passengers
Area Size 7 /10 m (diameter)
Voltage 380 v
Power 4 /11 kw
Height 3 m
Colume 20 GP(6 m)
coffee cup rides for sale

Features of Dinis coffee cup Rides for Sale

Our spinning coffee cup ride comes with a range of features that make it a great addition to any amusement park or carnival.

Various Customization Options for you to choose

The Spinning Teacup Ride is also fully customized, allowing you to choose from a range of colors and themes to suit your venue’s unique style. You can even add your own branding to the ride to make it even more unique. Just like the right picture showed

Hot -selling themes for our tea cup rides

Our company offers a wide range of coffee cups with various styles. They are popular both domestically and internationally. And we keep up with the latest trends in the amusement equipment market. So we ensure that our equipment is fashionable and trendy to make our clients have a good coffee cup ride. Besides, we are willing to designing and producing the equipment you want. And we believe that can meet even exceed your expectation. Because our main objective is to help you increase human traffic, increase your revenue and improve your profits in your venues.

What’s more, we understand that your satisfaction is the key to building long-term relationship between you and us. So we take pride in providing exceptional customized service to you. With our reliable products and thoughtful services, we are confident that you will achieve your business goals and reach greater success.

teacup ride for sale

High-quality materials of coffee cup ride

The main material of our coffee cup ride is FRP which ensures that it is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. And also the appearance is very elegant and attractive. Besides, you don’t need worry about its quality. This ride can accommodate up to many passengers at once in one spinning teacup. And if you are an operator, you can use it for many years.

fiberglass technology for tea cup ride

Portable tea cup ride for sale

We can prepare your coffee cup with a trailer. So that you can use this amusement facility for business anytime and anywhere. And you don’t need to stay at a fixed location or external conditions such as weather. This portable tea cup ride can maximize the number of visitors and increase your income.

portable tea cup ride

How does the coffee cup rides for sale work?

The coffee cup ride works by spinning the teacups around a central axis. And the ride’s operator controls the speed and direction of the ride, providing riders with a thrilling and exciting experience. Besides, coffee cup ride is designed to spin at a moderate speed, which makes it safe for riders of all ages.

tea cup rides control platform

How many cups can coffee cup rides hold ?

Our tea cup ride has different number of cups: we have 6 cups, 9 cups and 12 cups. And each cup can load 2-3 passengers. So it is a great choice for family members and groups to play. Besides, there are plenty of space for riders to enjoy the ride. In Dinis, we also can customize the number of cups you want according to your requirements.

6 cups tea cup ride for sale
9 cups coffee cup ride for sale
12 cups coffee cup ride in Dinis

The maintenance and operation of our coffee cup rides for sale

  • Firstly, maintenance is the cornerstone of ensuring the longevity and safety of any amusement ride. So you should do the regular inspections to detect any signs of wear and tear or damage to the ride. It involves checking for cracks, rust, other forms of structural damage and examining seats and lap bars for signs of wear or malfunction.

  • Secondly, in addition to regular inspections, routine maintenance should also be performed on the ride. It involves lubricating moving parts, tightening bolts and nuts, and replacing worn or damaged parts. Besides, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, and then keep a record of all maintenance performed on the ride.

  • Thirdly, proper operation of the ride is also critical for ensuring the safety of guests. Before each use, you should ensure that all safety features such as seat belts of the ride are functioning properly. What’s more, your guests should have the clear instructions on how to safely use the ride. That means you should tell them clearly.

  • Finally, it is also vital to operate the ride within its designed capacity. Because overloading the ride can cause excessive wear and tear, potentially leading to safety hazards. Therefore, the ride’s maximum weight and height limits should be clearly communicated and enforced to your customers.

And if you have any other questions about our coffee cup rides, please contact us now.