Roller coaster ride belongs to motorized ride. Although the roller coaster is terrifying, it is basically a very safe facility and is popular with many young tourists. And considering that kids roller coaster is mainly for children to ride, so the movement mode does not include inversion. What’s more, the design of the track is not necessarily a complete loop, but can also be designed to move the car body back and forth on the track. In short, roller coaster is a very popular amusement equipment for children. And then what are the main popular types of kids roller coaster for sale? How about the speed? Dinis also produces child roller coaster for sale. Now please follow me and know more about it.

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What are the main popular types of kids roller coaster for sale?

Actually, there are many types of children’s ride on roller coasters, such as Worm roller coaster, Dragon roller coaster, Mini shuttle, Pharaoh roller coaster and other types roller coaster. So you can choose your customers’ favorite roller coaster from these rides. And among these roller coasters, the worm roller coaster and the dragon roller coaster are our company’s hot sale products. Then, let’s learn more about these two types of kiddie roller coasters.

Attractive worm roller coaster for kids

The worm roller coaster is brightly colored and realistic in shape, attracting the attention of kids. Its main body is a large worm shape, the overall color is mainly green, and the worm roller coaster seemed to be welcoming everyone with a smile. Besides, this worm kiddie coaster ride inherits all the advantages of the small train, while the shape is more vivid, more interesting, and more popular. So this product has been well received by people once it was launched. And it has a great market development prospect. Try to imagine that children sit in a beautiful roller coaster and spin slowly round and round, they must feel so enjoyable and happy.

Worm Roller Coaster

Kids dragon roller coaster ride for sale

The kids dragon roller coaster ride is inspired by the legendary dragon in China. Dragons are very powerful and auspicious in Chinese legends. So we hope our dragon roller coasters can bring you good luck.

In addition, this dragon roller coaster has many similarities with the worm roller coaster in terms of track layout and main components of the rides. When the dragon roller coaster is running, it sometimes spirals up and sometimes drops rapidly, which is both entertaining and exciting. And when children ride the roller coaster, they are like flying in the sky and enjoying the fun of speed and turning.

dragon roller coaster ride

Space shuttle for children

Space shuttle is a new type of child’s roller coaster amusement equipment.

It is composed of spaceships with exquisite shapes and different styles. And it is equipped with colorful lights, stereos and children’s cartoon decorations.

So children can experience the feeling of leap, which is very exciting. When they ride this space shuttle, as if they are traveling in space. So it is a device that is very popular among children.

space shuttle ride

Why do children like the backyard roller coaster?

The backyard roller coaster is one of our company’s best-selling products. And it is small but beautiful. So it has attracted the attention of many people. Besides, it has many different shapes, such as cartoon images, trains, cars, animals, etc. And compared with ordinary roller coasters and large roller coasters, the height of the backyard roller coaster ride is lower and the vertical drop is small. Therefore, the moving speed of the backyard roller coaster is also lower than that of the ordinary roller coaster. However, the children on the backyard rollercoasters move fast along the track, as if flying in the sky. So they can relax physically and mentally, and also have an exciting experience.

Of course, the backyard roller coaster can also be used in amusement parks, parks, attractions and other indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In addition, children can ride a roller coaster with their parents to increase the parent–child interaction. And that can improve their relationship and make them closer. So do you want to buy this backyard roller coaster? Please send us a message if you need, and then we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the speed of the kids roller coaster for sale?

Considering that this roller coaster is designed for children, the speed is low. So children will not feel too excited. And they will have plenty of time to appreciate the surrounding scenery. Our children’s roller coaster runs at a speed of 1.98 meters per second. If you are not satisfied with this speed, it does not matter, the speed of our equipment can be adjusted. So you can adjust the speed of the kids roller coaster for sale according to your needs.

Dinis kids roller coaster for sale – your ideal choice

Dinis children roller coaster adopts high quality and international standard steel, which has the characteristics of high quality, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, high stability and reliability. What’s more, the kids roller coaster uses its own centrifugal force to move along the track. So it can rotate in different postures which is full of excitement. And the track uses high quality seamless steel pipes to ensure long term use and the safety of passengers. In addition, the amusement facility uses an advanced pneumatic braking system. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about quality and safety issues when purchasing Dinis amusement equipment.

In addition to the pursuit of quality and safety, Dinis constantly strives to improve style and fun. Until now, the designers and technicians in Dinis have designed and manufactured different types of children’s roller coasters, with novel and unique designs and beautiful appearance.

So if you want to invest in children’s roller coasters, please pay attention to Dinis Amusement Company. The kids roller coaster for sale in our company is your best choice.