Roller coaster for sale is one of the best thrill amusement rides in Dinis. And it is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and many other funfairs. In addition, there are many different types of roller coaster rides for sale in Dinis. For example, Family roller coaster, Pharaoh roller coaster, Dragon roller coaster, Worm coaster ride, Crazy Mouse coaster ride, Penguin spinning car, Mini shuttle and so on. Do you want to know more about them? Next, please follow me and let’s see them.

roller coaster ride for sale in Dinis
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different styles of the roller coaster rides for you to choose :

Family roller coaster rides for sale

The family roller coaster is a large-scale amusement facility in the park with a three-dimensional cross-sled. When the family roller coaster is running, it sometimes hovers upwards and sometimes falls sharply. Therefore, it is entertaining, interesting, stimulating and also suitable for all ages.

In addition, it is suitable for various squares like playgrounds, shopping malls, parks and etc. So it is really very popular with tourists.

Additionally, the family is the main part of the tourists because they are willing to try all kinds of the rides in the park. During the whole time, the family can spend time together. So it is good for their family relationship. And it is very likely for them to become your regular customers.

Capacity 16 passengers
Track Length 290 m
Running Height 11 m
Area Size 47*30 m
Power 93 kw
family roller coaster for sale

Dragon roller coaster rides for sale

The dragon roller coaster is one of the hot selling products in our factory. And it is a kind of medium-sized amusement equipment on the sliding track. In addition, its device is a fast gliding device that is both exciting and fun to ride for most young people. So it attracts most people to have a try. What’s more, it is suitable for children and adults above 1.2 m.

Design idea of dragon roller coaster ride

The overall shape of the sliding dragon adopts the shape of an ancient dragon. In China, dragon represents the traditional Chinese culture and a symbol of status and identity. At the same time, the image of the dragon is highly malleable, cute and vivid which is in line with the aesthetics of tourists. What’s more, it is popular with tourists whatever at home or abroad. And it has even become park, amusement park or Landmark buildings and special recreational facilities of the venue.

For example, American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) recognizes Play land’s Dragon Coaster as an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark which is a designation reserved for rides of historic significance.

Wacky worm roller coaster rides for sale

Wacky Worm roller coaster is a kiddie coaster ride. And then the character is a lively Wacky worm, painted with colorful lines and two-row seats for the tourists. What’s more, it travels in a two story figure eight with a nice banked drop at the end. So it is really fun and popular with the kids and the whole family!

Capacity 18 passengers
Track Height 2.5 m
Area Size 24*12 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 5 kw
Volume 40 HQ (12 m)
worm roller coaster ride

Penguin Spinning Car roller coaster rides for sale

Penguin spinning car is the penguin’s spin out coaster, which is a roller coaster with lively penguin outward appearance. And these penguins randomly spin as they coast around a figure-eight-and-a-half track.

Besides, for the physical requirements, guests must be able to sit upright. And they must hold on and hold themselves in place while the ride is in motion. What’s more, children must be at least 36″tall and 4 years old to ride with a responsible companion of at least age 16. So if the kid wants to ride alone, he must meet the minimum heights 36″and the minimum age 4 years old.

penguin spinning car
Capacity 16 passengers
Track Height 2 m
Area Size 22*10 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 30 kw
Volume 40 HQ (12 m)

Great Adventure roller coaster rides for sale

Great adventure roller coaster is popular with most playgrounds. And then it has become a popular choice for riding amusement projects with meeting the psychological needs of tourists of all ages including the children and grown-up.

Most of the roller coaster rides are thrilling and at a high speed. So it provides the tourists with a lot of excitement and adventure. Except the mini and children’s roller coaster, most of the big size roller coaster we design is the great adventure roller coaster. So all your adventure plans is in our factory, because we provide customization services. And the size, type and the theme of the roller coaster are all ready for you to order. What’s more, if you want certain appearance and shape of roller coaster rides, we also provide customized service.

Choose the roller coaster rides in Dinis

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