How to choose the business location for tea cup rides for sale?

Those who run their own businesses know that no matter which industry they are developing in, the choice of geographic location is very important. And for people who operate amusement equipment, choosing a place with a large flow of people will have more business advantages. Therefore, we must pay attention to the flow of people around when choosing a venue.

If you want to attract more tourists to play, you need to make it easier for them to discover your business venue. For example, you can operate in amusement parks, parks, shopping malls and other places with high passenger flow. And we believe our unique tea cup ride will quickly attract the attention of your passengers. It is really a good investment for you.

Why so many people buy Dinis tea cup rides for sale?

When investing in tea cup amusement facilities, many people will choose to buy from Dinis Amusement Company. So why is Dinis tea cup ride so popular? Because the materials of our products are the best. We use glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is corrosion resistant and sturdy. So you can operate it for a long time.

In addition, the external patterns of our tea cup rides are vivid and colorful. And the pattern and color are not fixed. So if you are interested in our products, please send us your favorite colors and patterns. And then we will make tea cup rides according to your requirements.

tea cup rides in the amusement park

How about the design and appeal of the coffee cup rides for sale?

Dinis tea cup rides often have different themes and designs. So you can choose one that can complement the overall aesthetic of your venue and attract your target audience. And a visually appealing ride can enhance the overall experience for visitors and increase its popularity.

Besides, we have a lot tea cup rides which are hot selling between our customers. And they are always satisfied with our rides, or just contact us to get one to one service. So we also provide customized service with our customers. We hope that our design team can design and produce your dream coffee cup rides with good price.

customizable tea cup rides

How to Make a Spinning Tea Cup Ride?

When it comes to the making process of spinning tea cup ride, it is necessary to talk about the fiberglass technology in Dinis which needs complex and multiple procedures. Next, let’s see the detailed process.

  • First, make the tea cup ride shape fiberglass mode which is made of the multiple layer of resin adhesive and glass fiber. Then the mode can be sturdy for people to use for a long time.

  • Second, polish the mode for so many times until it is very smooth to the touch.

  • Third, use putty powder on the surface of the fiberglass mode for 3 times. The purpose of the putty powder is in order to paint easily.

  • Fourth, polish again.

  • Fifth, apply a layer of varnish.

  • Sixth, paint the color on the surface.

  • Seventh, fix it up and make it more perfect.

fiberglass technology for tea cup ride

After these steps, we finish the production process of the fiberglass material coffee cup ride. Of course, there are many advantages of fiberglass material. On the one hand, the surface of the tea cup ride is smooth, glossy and not easy to fade. So it can grasp customers’ eyes quickly. On the other hand, it is corrosion resistant and sturdy. You can use it for a long time with confidence.

What is the Portable Tea Cup Ride for Sale?

portable tea cup ride for sale

Portable tea cup ride for sale in Dinis is popular with some clients who plan to use it in mobile places such as temple fair, park and etc. And the biggest advantage of portable tea cup ride is that it is convenient to transport and move to anywhere. You can see the pictures as follows.

This is a 6 seats tea cup ride, and each two cups can be fold. So if you need to transport, this portable tea cup can help you save much space. Of course, about other size coffee cup ride, we can also make this portable style for you.

So if you are interested in our portable tea cup ride for sale, please contact us now and know more information about it!

In short, Dinis is a reliable and warmhearted manufacturer of tea cup rides. And if you are hesitating to choose which company of tea cup rides, you might as well come to our company.

We cannot say that our products are low in price, but we can guarantee that the quality of our products is the best. And our tea cup amusement facilities are widely used in indoor and outdoor entertainment venues. Such as fairgrounds, shopping malls, bazaars, etc. And they are deeply loved by tourists.

So if you have any questions about this product, please contact us now! We will reply you as soon as possible.