What is a good park design?

A good park design must first meet the expectations of customers for the new park. We have always adhered to the principle of customer first, deeply understood the needs of customers, and repeatedly communicated with customers about design details. At the same time, our designers and sales will also carry out exclusive customized design and production according to the actual situation of each customer’s site.

In order to ensure that every park design plan we launch can receive high praise from customers, and realize the park blueprint of their dreams for customers. We always try to combine with local regional characteristics and customer preferences.

How do we do the park design?

We always design the whole park according to our clients’ requirements. But our designers are also willing to provide some professional suggestions to help them do the perfect park solution.

As a company specializing in the design, planning, and construction of outdoor theme parks, Dinis Amusement always believe that there are only six major elements: accurate selection of theme park design, selection of appropriate theme park site, and unique theme park creativity. With the cultural connotation of theme parks, flexible marketing strategies, and in-depth theme park product development, theme park design can be unique.

Our amusement equipment rides can well match the park rides of our clients. We are also willing to customize the amusement items according to our clients’ needs. So you can enjoy the one-step service from our team. From the park design to the amusement rides, you can get all the perfect service to your new venue, to make a mature and high quality park solution.

Why choose our team?

Firstly, our company has a lot of rich experience in park design, and has successfully completed park design schemes of different scales from home and abroad. We also has received a lot of praise. The following are our successful cases for your reference:

Jianye Canteen 20,000 square meters

Gansu Jinchang 5000 square meters

Mount Mountain 12,000 square meters

Our customer design cases include parks, residential areas, game centers, children’s parks, shopping malls, large dining halls, and activity centers.

For example, the center of a theme park in Sichuan is a children’s activity area with panda-shaped elements running through it, forming three main play areas: cloud swing area (applicable to groups aged 6-12); terrain beach area (applicable to groups aged 3-6) ); Big Chinese panda Weightless Paradise Area (applicable to groups aged 6-12). Wave-shaped elements pave the floor to cover the overall space, creating a playful look with the waves.

In the theme park, we can liberate our bodies, learn to express ourselves confidently, and collectively create stories that belong to the community.

For example, in the past project practice of a park, our designers tried to use the large scene and terrain changes and landscape design to reflect the design. We will also try to combine the landscape space with the feelings of the users, harmoniously combine the site, people and nature. We will make the landscape a space for practical things other than aesthetics. Using the language of roofless buildings, the landscape is scene-based, life-oriented, and communicative. So that it can meet the needs of different groups of people and age groups.

We also consider the ecological nature and the development and temperament of the surrounding sites. We hope that a good landscape design project will be suitable for the future. It will improve the quality of life and quality. And more importantly, to build for the prosperity of the residents’ economy and the region.

We believe that the planning and design of theme parks should dig deep into culture, create their own themed cultural tourism IP. And then use specific narrative techniques to form an overall theme story clue, and plan and design the park with the story as the background. So as to give the game a sense of belonging and uniqueness

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What is the obvious features of park design ?

Creativity is the principal element of an successful park design. The clear and unique style is necessary. We should combine the designers’ personality and your requirements. A good park solution must avoid the copying and imitation.

The planning and design of theme parks must have an accurate theme positioning. In other words, park design should avoid the repeated themes.

The theme selection of theme parks should be a decision-making process. It will combine subjective judgment and rational market analysis. In this process, the designer must have a keen sense of the market to capture the market. To organize professionals to refine and package the theme. At the same time, according to the relevant market research results, help the theme park choose to actively meet the needs of consumers. In the process of promoting each other between the market and individual themes. It is ready to improve the development of the theme park will have more potential and tension.

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Dinis is proud to be your top choice when it comes to realizing your dream of starting a park. As a renowned manufacturer of amusement rides we offer not only top-quality rides but also an expert park design service to help your project stand out and generate more profits for your investors.

Just let us know your idea and we will design the most suitable park for you with low cost and high quality. With the most popular amusement rides, your park will attract a lot of tourists.

As a renowed amusement rides manufacturer, Dinis amusement equipment company not only provide high-quality amusement rides, but also offer professional park design. We try our best to make your project stand out and gain more profits for investors.

Dinis has gathered a group of designers with rich experience and innovation awareness. We have successfully created excellent park project around the world. Now Dinis has become an influential and reliable amusement rides manufacturer and service provider in amusement area. We are willing to develop together with our clients, establishing a win-win cooperation relationship and jointly create a happier world.