When it comes to amusement park, what kind of amusement equipment you will remember? For example, the big wheel ride, bumper cars, the pirate ship, roller coaster and so on. However, flying chair swing ride is also one of the necessary and popular amusement rides in the amusement park. Do you know why it is so popular, and how about the size, capacity, material, price and so on. Dinis, as a professional manufacturer of amusement rides with more than 20 years experience, can provide you all of the answers. Now, please follow me and know more about the amusement park swing ride for sale.

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Why amusement park swing ride is popular with most customers?

There are mainly three reasons as follows:

Suitable for all ages of your customers to ride

First, amusement park flying chair ride is suitable for almost all ages of customers due to its various and exquisite appearance. For example, in Dinis,we have giraffe shape, fruit shape such as watermelon and etc which are popular with kids. In addition, there are also large swing ride suitable for adults to ride. For example, 24 seat, 36 seat and even more seats huge swing ride.

Bring unique ride experience and unforgettable memories

Second, swing ride in amusement park provide various exciting feelings such as flying, rotating and weightlessness with your passengers. These feelings are its special features that other amusement ride cannot provide. What’s more, for those people who love swinging during their childhood, this amusement park flying swing can arouse their memories at once. So lots of adults also love it so much.

A good place to take photos and clock in

Similar to carousel ride and the Ferris wheel ride, flying chair ride is also regarded as a wonderful and popular venue for customers to take photos and clock in. Especially when the swing ride is operating, all the passengers are flying in the sky. That is a good chance for people to take beautiful pictures. And they can choose to take some pictures of the amusement park flying chair ride, or take a selfie with the flying chair as the background, or even take photos during the process of riding.

In short, amusement park swing ride is so popular due to its play universality, exciting ride experience and function of taking photos. And if you are looking for a new amusement equipment for your amusement park, why not choose this chair swing ride?

How to choose an amusement park swing ride for sale suitable for you?

If you buy the swing ride the first time, you may want to know how to select and choose a suitable flying chair ride which can help you attract more customers and also get good profits. Now, let’s see.

Make sure your venue size to put amusement park swing ride

Firstly, you should make sure the accurate size of your amusement park venue. For example, your place size is 6m*4m, and then you can choose a swing ride with this size or smaller size. What’s more, you should also consider the maximum space size while the swing chair is operating. If your place size is too large, you cannot use your place fully. However, if your venue size is too narrow, you cannot make sure the safety of your passengers. So make sure the size is the first step.

Choose suitable seats of the fairground flying chair ride

Secondly, choose the capacity of amusement park swing according to your passenger flow as usual. If there are so many passengers coming to your place, and your seats are not enough, that will influence your business gradually. On the other hand, if you seats are large but little customers, you may worry about the cost and your revenue. Therefore, a suitable capacity is an important factor for you to consider. In our factory, we have 10-36 seat flying chair ride as usual for you to choose.

Choose the appearance of swing chair for your amusement park

If your amusement park is mainly aimed to children, then you can choose the appearance of swing ride kids prefer. For example, the giraffe shape, castle theme swing ride, watermelon theme and so on. And you also can learn about the latest popular theme and style of fairground swing ride most kids like, and then we also can provide you customized service according to your requirements. In addition, if your amusement park is mainly faced to young adults, you can choose the fashion style, luxurious appearance, large size, or more thrilling shaking chair swing ride for your customers to play. And if your customers include both, you can choose a moderate style of swing chair ride in your amusement park.

Except for the venue size, the seats and the appearance of amusement park swing ride, you also should consider your budget and then choose a cost-effective fair swing ride. As a businessman, you must want to get pure profits as quickly as possible, and also attract more customers at the same time. Therefore, consider the factors the above mentioned together. And if you need help, welcome to contact us and we will give you some useful and professional suggestions.

How much does the amusement park swing ride for sale cost?

Above all, you must understand that each kind of fair swing ride has different price due to the different seats, style, material and etc. So next, we just provide you the approximate price for you as a reference.

  • On the one hand, in Dinis, we have 10-36 seats or larger flying chair ride for sale. Generally, for 10-16 seat fairground swing ride, you need cost about 5000-8500 dollars. And for the 24-36 seat amusement park swing ride, the price is about 17000-24000 dollars. If you want larger seats swing ride, you need prepare more budget. And we also can manufacture larger funfair swing ride for you.

  • On the other hand, simple style swing ride and luxurious style amusement park swing ride have different price. For example, for 24 seat fair swing ride, from simple to luxurious style, it needs about 6300-20000 dollars. The more luxurious, more decorations, more functions, the more expensive the price.

So the above is the approximate price according to the seats and appearance, and we also hope that you can choose a suitable funfair swing ride under your own budget.

Why to buy amusement park swing ride for sale in Dinis? –Reliable materials.

For each kind of amusement equipment, good quality is vital whatever for the safety of your customers or for your business. In Dinis, we ensure the quality of our products. So what materials do we use? Now, let’s see.

  • First of all, fiberglass technology is the outstanding feature of our factory technology. It concludes several steps to finish such as polishing process, painting process and so on. And there are many advantages of fiberglass technology. For example, it can make the surface of products smooth and colorful, it is corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and it cannot fade even using for many years. Most of our clients choose our factory due to the fiberglass technology.

  • Secondly, the center column of the funfair flying chair is made of international steel. The biggest advantage of international steel is the level of detail and almost zero error. So this feature make sure the safety and as well as the appearance.

  • Thirdly, each of our flying chair seat has four chains which are made of galvanization and two safety ropes which are made of nylon rope. So for the chains, they are not easy to peel and can maintain the appearance smooth and clean. And when your passengers sit on the seat and grasp the rope, they may not hurt their hands. So you can provide a safe and comfortable ride experience by this swing chair ride.

In short, you can choose our factory because we can provide you reliable quality of our products, bring you good reputation, more customers and also rich your business. So if you need, please contact us.

2 new style amusement park swing rides for sale

Big Tree Flying Chair Ride in amusement park for Sale

This whole shape of this style flying chair is a big tree with big tree grandpa shape in the middle center column. It is so lifelike and colorful that can attract so many kids. Besides, on the top of the swing ride, there are tree branches and some cartoon characters such as Micky Mouse. In short, all of the design and decorations are aimed to children to play. So if your customers are kids most, you can consider to add this popular new style Big Tree flying chair ride for them.

Capacity 24 passengers
Voltage 380 v/220 v
Power 11 kw
Height 7 m
Area Size Ø 13 m
Equipment Size Ø 9 m
Big Tree flying chair ride

Flying Tower Ride in funfair on Sale

Combining with the tower and the flying chair ride, flying tower ride for sale is higher, more thrilling and interesting than common swing ride for customers to have a try. Besides, compared to common swing ride, flying tower adds the lift function. So it can bring people more thrilling flying experience in the sky. If you have this flying tower ride in your amusement park, there must be lots of customers who pursue thrill and excitement coming to your place.

flying tower ride in amusement park
Capacity 36 passengers
Voltage 380 v
Booster Power 45 kw
Height 43.1 m
Area Size Ø 25 m
Equipment Size Ø 17.6 m

What should you pay more attention during the daily operation?

During the daily operation, you must know some necessary precautions to make sure the safety and the normal operation for your business. The followings are some main points:

  • The first one, before the daily operation, you should check whether the bumper is firm or not and whether there is problem of the chains, ropes and the seats. The daily check is very necessary and you should do it well.

  • The second one, remind your passengers to hold on the chains and ropes during the process of riding. And they cannot carry their valuable belongings such as the phone, the ring and so on. Because those things may drop during the operation and even hurt other customers.

  • The last one, amusement park swing ride also has restriction in height, weight and also the age of your customers. For the height limit, customers less than 1 meter or taller than 1.8 meters are not allowed to ride. If the kids are between 1 meter and 1.2 meter, their parents or guardian should company with them. And for the wight and age limit, people more than 90 kg and 65 years old cannot ride. In a word, these limit just to ensure your customers’ safety and great ride experience. So as an operator, you must ensure that your passengers meet these rules.

flying chair ride in Dinis for sale

All in all, swing ride is a popular and necessary project for your amusement park. And if you choose Dinis, we will provide you the great amusement park swing ride you are satisfied with. And there are also thoughtful after-sales service and customized service for you. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in it.