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2023 New Park Design Case

In this park design case, we adopt the mode of multi-functional zoning for design. Each area has great regional characteristics, and it is a comprehensive park integrating cultural activities, leisure experience, fitness and sports.

The design concept put forward by our Dinis design team is to create a huge green space at the core of the city. It can radiate to the surrounding communities and enhance the carrying capacity of the entire city.

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At the same time, our designers will also fully consider the participation and rest functions of users. We design the U.S Canteen Park project to the public. So we tried our best to meet the needs of citizens and tourists. Through the connection of green belts, it forms a complete green ecological system with the overall urban planning. Create a modern park with fitness facilities, water-friendly spaces, educational functions and sustainability. These will help improve the image of the city on the street and increase the vitality of the city.

With recreation and dining as its main functions, with relatively complete facilities, and functions of ecology and beautification. The canteen will be a good area to the U.S

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Details of the U.S great Canteen Park project

There are various types of land in the park including planting area, Building land, garden roads and paving sites, etc. We always believe that a good park design should correctly handle the relationship between park construction and urban construction. And make a good match between the park’s recent construction and sustainable development.

The design of the Jianye Canteen park always pay attention to the coordination with the style and function of the surrounding cities. Our professional design team try to pay attention to the protection and development of regional culture. And the regional landscape characteristics are also important. Therefore, the design project of our great Canteen fully complies with the requirements and guidelines of park design.

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The great Canteen Park includes the following amusement projects: large and small rainbow slides, slides, glass planks, trampolines, observation decks, etc.

We designed a series of projects suitable for children and adults to play and relax. They can enjoy the surrounding scenery, and take a walk after dinner. Our Dinis design team aims to provide a comfortable, multi-functional and complete park design scheme for employees and residents around the great canteen.

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After our clients put the grate Canteen Park design project into use, it immediately received a lot of praise and feedback from our customers. We are proud and happy to see the park project designed by our team put into use. We are also very grateful to our American clients for their trust and support to our Dinis Entertainment Company. We will also work harder to design and produce more park design schemes that satisfy customers.

We welcome friends from all over the world to exchange park design proposals with us. And we also look forward to receiving your park design inquiries. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide you with one-to-one park design services!