Kids roller coaster rides are hot-selling products in Dinis company. And most of our clients are interested in it and also ask so many questions about our kiddie roller coaster rides. The followings are top 3 Q&A to buy kids roller coaster rides for you. Let’s see.

How Does A Kids Roller Coaster Ride Work?

Kids roller coaster ride is powered by the traction motor at the beginning, and then runs by its own inertia when it goes the highest location. Finally, there is a brake motor to stop the roller coaster slowly. And during the whole process, there is a people who control the running of the kiddie coaster ride by a console. So if there is emergency situation, the worker will press the emergency button in time to ensure the safety of passengers.

kids pharaoh roller coaster in Dinis

What Is the Height of Kids Roller Coaster ride?

In Dinis, kiddie roller coaster generally has two kinds of height: 2 m and 2.5 m. For example, we have 20 passenger mini shuttle for kids with 2 m and 18 passenger dragon kids roller coaster ride with 2.5 m. The parameter are as follows:

20 passenger mini shuttle for kids

Track Height 2 m
Track Length 72 m
Area Size 16*10 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 8 kw
mini shuttle for kids

18 passenger dragon kids roller coaster

Track Height 2.5 m
Area Size 24*12 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 5 kw
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)

For the height of child’s roller coaster, 2 m-2.5 m is suitable for kids. On the one hand, if the height is too high, some children will feel scared, cannot enjoy well and even lead to some dangers. And on the other hand, their parents can leave their kids alone on the roller coaster with confidence.

What Age Can A Child Ride A Roller Coaster ride?

Generally speaking, kids more than 3 years old can play the kiddie coaster ride. As long as they don’t have heart disease or other unhealthy situation. However, there are still some important tips for you to know:

  • First, if there are little kids who are very young, their parents or guardians must company with the little kids to play. Because these children cannot protect themselves well during the playing process. So in order to ensure their safety, you should tell your passengers to do this job.

  • Second, there are seat belts and bumpers on the roller coaster cabins. So each passenger whatever kids or adults should tighten the seat belt and follow the rules. As an operator, you should check everyone and ensure the passengers’ safety before the running.

  • Third, if some children refuse to ride the roller coaster or they feel scared, please don’t compel them but respect them. Or there may be something bad and dangerous happen.

If you have any other questions of kids roller coaster ride, please contact us and get the answers.