In Dinis, we provide various sizes of ferris wheel ride for sale with different price. And if you plan to buy an observation ferris wheel, you may consider the price according to your budget. Next, we will provide you the approximate price of our observation wheels for sale. Because the detailed price is due to several factors including size, decorations, customized appearance design and etc. So if you want to know the detailed price, please contact us.

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Mini Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale Price

For our mini ferris wheel ride for sale, we have 5 cabins, 6 cabins, 10 cabins and 12 cabins. Each cabin can load 2 passengers. The price range is as follows:

5/6 cabins ferris wheel ride


10/12 cabins ferris wheel ride


Price of A Giant Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

For the giant ferris wheel ride for sale in Dinis, we provide 18 cabins, 24 cabins, 26 cabins, 32 cabins and 36 cabins. And if you want larger size, we can design it for you according to your requirements. The price range is as follows:

18 cabins ferris wheel ride


24-26 cabins ferris wheel ride


32-36 cabins ferris wheel ride


How Much Is Our Customized Style Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale?

Of course, if you have your own idea of the big wheel ride appearance design, you can tell us your idea and requirements as detailed as possible including your budget, your venue size and etc. First, we will make a design drawing for you. If you think that is great, we will send you the detailed quotation of your customized style observation ferris wheel. Or we will make some modifications if there is disagreement. Among our clients, there are some cases of customized style observation ferris wheel. The cost ranges from 100,000 dollars to 1000,000 dollars. However, we just provide you a reference. If you want to customize a rotating giant wheel in our factory, you can contact us, tell us your requirements, and then get the detailed price.

Why Choose Our Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale?

If you want to buy giant wheel for sale hoping to attract more customers and improve your revenue, you should choose a reliable manufacturer. Dinis can be one of your choices.

  • First, we have more than 20 years production and sales experience. In the past years, we have ferris wheel ride sales in America, Canada, Australia, India, Spanish and etc. And some of them purchased our products many times.

  • Second, we give you the discount if you buy our ferris wheel ride for sale for the first time. We know that the trust between us should be established by the products. So you can choose our products and look if it can bring you good profits.

  • Third, reliable quality and thoughtful service can be promised in our factory. We use fiberglass to make the cabin shell. This material is corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and can make the surface look bright and beautiful. Besides, we use high quality steel to produce the structure of ferris wheel ride which can make it strong and stable. And we provide 12 months free warranty and also customized service. If you have any requirements, you can tell us.

In short, the cost of the observation wheel varies from the sizes, appearance design, decorations, etc. If you have limited budget, you can choose the most suitable observation wheel within the budget. However, if you have enough budget, you can choose the most popular style of observation wheels for sale in our factory, or you can experience our customized service to make your skyview wheel unique and different from others. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us and get professional answers.