Carousel ride is always one of the hot-selling products in Dinis due to its diverse appearance. On January 10th, 2024, one of our Switzerland clients called Maria has purchased a custom carousel horse ride from us. Now let’s see the detailed process of  our communication.

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Where Will You Use of Carousel Ride for Sale?

Maria told us she plans to buy a carousel horse ride which is suitable for mobile places including outdoor and indoor places. And then we recommend her 16 seats merry go round carousel for sale. She was satisfied with the carousel size. In addition, we showed Maria some popular style of our 16 seater merry go round including carousel animals for sale, vintage carousel horses for sale, etc. However, she send us a photo of Longines carousel ride and hoped that we can manufacturer a custom carousel horses which imitates that appearance and design.

Can You Send Us Your Requirements of the Custom Carousel Ride?

We can produce the custom carousel ride for her. But before that, we need know all of her requirements of the custom merry go round rides she want. She send us the picture of Longines carousel amusement ride.The followings are her complete and detailed requests:

  • First, she required that we should produce the same design and structure as Longines carousel ride, but not complete copy.

  • Second, the predominant colors will be white and dark blue.

  • Third, add the logo of her company on the carousel ride central pillar which can make more passengers see and remember her company name.

  • Fourth, the preferred voltage is 389V, no more than 6KW.

  • Fifth, there must be lots of colorful LED lights surrounding the central pillar.

That’s no problem, we told her we can meet all of her requirements in Dinis.

What Is the The Final Price of the Carousel Ride?

After communicating with Maria all of the details of the carousel ride, we provide her a quotation list. The final price of the custom carousel horse ride is 5,3676 dollars including the cost of carousel amusement equipment, customization, transportation and etc. She decided to purchase our merry go round carousel ride at last.

What’s more, we provide her 12 months free warranty and spare parts for free. If she meet any problems during the daily use, she can ask us for help. So if you also plan to buy carousel rides with both reliable quality and affordable price, please contact us.

Feedback of the Custom Carousel Ride from Switzerland

Lat week, we received her email of her feedback. She felt so excited.

“Thanks, darling! The carousel ride is pretty good in appearance and performance. It help me attract more customers especially children. They all like it. And these days, it is exposed in sun outside but still bright in color and strong in quality. Perfect! I’m going to recommend you to my business partners later.”

We are happy to hear this good news. And we always hope that good product can bring you huge profits. If you are interested in our carousel amusement rides for sale, welcome to contact us now! We will reply you as soon as possible.