Customized Indoor Playground: The Ultimate Solution for Kids Entertainment

Indoor playground has become an essential part of entertainment for kids and adults in recent years. Because it offers a wide range of activities. And it also helps players develop physically and mentally such as climbing, sliding, jumping, and crawling. What’s more, it is popular among parents who want their children to have a safe and enjoyable time. Next we will discuss some common questions related to indoor playground. And also we will explore what kind of customized style can enhance the overall experience for you.

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We know that the flooring of indoor playground is an essential factor to consider when setting it up. And the popular flooring option is the TATAMI floor, which is soft and comfortable for kids to play on.

So in our factory, we use the most popular materials to make TATAMI flooring like  EVA foam,polyethylene, or polyurethane. And they are non-toxic and safe for children to play on. While some clients may ask for rubber flooring. But we advise against it because EVA foam is more comfortable and appropriate for children’s games.

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We offer customization options. Because we understand that some of you want to add or remove equipment based on your preferences. So you can also select the equipment you want to use. And then our designers will adjust the design to accommodate your needs. Besides, we can change the stickers to reflect different themes and create a unique playground experience for the children.

In short, we aim to design the perfect indoor playground for you.

Most of our clients may have a common question. When you are setting up an indoor playground , you maybe want to know how to install a climbing wall on a glass wall. Actually, it is advisable to install a steel structure to support the climbing wall rather than directly attaching it to the glass wall.

That means you should install the indoor playground’s structure. And then place the climbing wall on the steel structure.

Of course, you can ask more questions about the details with us, and we will receive your specific inquiry as soon as possible.

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Safety Measures of indoor playground

Our factory always prioritizes safety measures when designing indoor playgrounds. For example, we use safety netting to cover all open areas. So that parents do not need to worry about their children. And in the toddler area, we also install safety gates to keep the children safe and secure. In short, we always try our best to design the safe equipment for you.

Height and Size about the Indoor playground

Most of our clients often ask about the height and size of indoor playgrounds. Now, let me tell you. Each level of our indoor playground is 4.1 feet high. So parents may need to stoop down to walk through. And the entryway to the toddler area is approximately 1.7 meters high, making it easy for adults to walk through. Of course, we offer customization options for the size of the playground. And we advise against reducing the size below eight to nine feet, as it may not be suitable for children to play.

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Customizing indoor playgrounds allows you to create a unique and personalized experience for your customers. Our factory provides customization options for flooring and equipment, and also provide safety measures to ensure the playground is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Besides, our team is ready to delivering high-quality indoor playgrounds that are suitable for children of all ages. So please contact us if you needs or have any questions about our indoor playground.