There are three common classifications of Ferris wheels in Dinis: Large Ferris wheel, Double side Ferris wheel and Kiddie Ferris wheel for sale. As a hot-selling product of future amusement equipment, kiddie Ferris wheel not only has a huge children’s market, but also is more and more welcomed by families from all over the world. Therefore, it has become the first choice for families to ride with their children.

In our factory, we provide various style of kiddie observation wheels for sale with unique appearance, colorful cabins and reliable quality. Besides, there are also different sizes of kids Ferris wheel ride such as mini observation wheel ride and larger size. And do you know the age range of kids Ferris wheel? What is the drive mode? Are there any safety rules? Which places are suitable for kiddie gondola wheel ride? Next, please follow me and let’s see.

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What are the Different sizes of kiddie Ferris wheel for sale in Dinis?

For kids Ferris Wheel ride for sale, there are two sizes: mini Ferris wheel and larger Ferris wheel ride. For mini size Ferris wheel, we have 5 pcs and 6 pcs of cabins. And 10 pcs, 12 pcs and 18 pcs of cabins for larger Ferris wheel. Next, let’ see some of their the parameters as follows.

Cabin 5/6 pcs 10/12 pcs(double side) 12 pcs 18 pcs
Capacity 10/12 passengers 20/24 passengers 48 passengers 72 passengers
Height 6.5 m 7 m 20 m 30 m
Voltage 380 v 380 v   380 v   380 v 
Power 5 kw 9/11 kw 18 kw 20 kw
Volume 20 GP (12 m) 40 HQ (12 m) 3*40 HQ 4*40 HQ+20 GP
Area Size 6*4 m 8*8 m 17*14 m 20*18 m

Mini kids Ferris wheel rides for sale

Cabin 5 pcs
Capacity 10 passengers
Height 6.5 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 5 kw
Volume 20 GP(12 m)
mini Ferris wheel ride for kids

Mini kids Ferris wheel ride is the most safe, most low in height and most suitable for little kids to play. It only has five or six cabins, and each cabin can load 2 children. What’s more, most mini Ferris wheel rides are decorated with cartoon shape and patterns which can attract kids’ eyes quickly. And it is popular in amusement park, theme park, kiddie park, shopping mall and also other places with limited space.

Larger kiddie Ferris wheel ride for szlae

kiddie Ferris wheel ride for sale
Cabin 18 pcs
Capacity 72 passengers
Height 30 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 20 kw
Volume 4*40 HQ+20 GP

Larger kiddie Ferris wheel ride has more cabins and higher height than mini size. So it suits older children to play. Generally, it has 10, 12 and 18 cabins. Each cabin loads 2-4 passengers. What’s more, for 10 and 12 cabins Ferris, we can make double side style for you. That brings kids different fun and ride experience. Compared to cartoon theme of mini size wheel, larger kids Observation wheel ride has more choice on its appearance. In Dinis, we provide modern fashionable style Ferris wheel, clock shape wheel, customized theme wheel and so on. Therefore, if you needs, please contact us and know more information.

In short, both mini size wheel and larger kids Ferris wheel are popular with kids whatever in amusement park, scenic spot, theme park and etc. And you can choose a suitable size of kids Ferris wheel ride according to your place and human flow.

What is the age range of our kiddie Ferris wheel for sale?

Generally, kiddie Ferris wheel is suitable for boys and girls within the age group 2-12 years. However, whatever mini size Ferris wheel or larger kids wheel ride, we recommend that children should play with the company of their parents or other caregivers to ensure the safety. The reasons and necessity of it are as follows:

  • First, for some little toddlers and kids, their parents must company with them and look care for them. Because these kids cannot leave their parents or caregivers.

  • Second, most kids don’t have self-protection awareness. So there must be someone who can protect them and make sure their safety.

  • Third, kids and their parents play together can close their relationship and get double or more happiness.

Therefore, if you have kids Ferris wheel or other kids amusement equipment in your amusement park, you should remind parents of taking good care of their kids.

Hot-selling driven model of kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

For our Ferris wheel rides for sale, we provide two different kinds of drive mode: electric and petrol. However, in children‘s Ferris wheel market, the electric powered kiddie Ferris wheel is the most hot-selling product. Do you know why? Because there are lots of advantages of electric drive mode:

  • First, electric powered Ferris wheel can provide stable power and make sure the stable running during the whole process. That is friendly for little kids to play. In addition, their parents can carry their children to have fun with confidence. When people step in amusement park and want to find an safe amusement ride suitable for kids, then electric Ferris wheel is the best choice.

  • Second, electric power cannot produce pollution and noise to air. And it is friendly and healthy for our environment and also customers. Especially for kids, they need fresh and non-pollution environment to play and grow up. Therefore, electric powered Ferris wheel can be regarded as the most suitable amusement ride for children.

  • Third, for operators, electric wheel ride is economic and convenient to maintain. On the one hand, electric drive mode save more energy than petrol drive mode. So it can help save much operating cost. On the other hand, operators just need check the safety devices, clean the rubbish, lubricate the parts and make sure the safety in daily operation. So it is easy to maintain.

All in all, electric drive mode becomes the most hot-selling drive mode of kiddie Ferris wheel due to its stable running, non-pollution, low cost and convenient maintenance. Therefore, in our factory, we provide electric kids wheel rides for you with different size, shape, appearance, theme and etc. If you need, please contact us now!

Safety rules you should know when riding kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

Because most customer groups of kids Ferris wheel ride are young age children, some safety rules you should know when you operate a kids wheel ride:

  • First of all, in order to help ease preschool children’s fears of riding the Ferris wheel and ensure their safety , it’s recommended that they ride with their parents in the same cabin. So that the child can feel more secure and reassured during the ascent. And at the same time, kids and their parents can close each other and enjoy a lot by this way.

  • Besides, it is not allowed to run the Ferris wheel on thunderstorm and windy weather. On the one hand, bad weather will influence the ride experience of customers. And on the other hand, it may even increase the risk of danger and hurt life. So please choose a sunny day to run the wheels and make sure the tourists can have a better experience.

  • Third, please remind all passengers of remaining seated and keeping their body weight evenly distributed. So that passengers can have a safe and enjoyable ride on the kiddie Ferris wheel. And tell your passengers do not stand, jump, or shake the car, and avoid leaning on or tampering with the car door.

  • Finally, smoking and fighting are strictly prohibited in the cabin. Tell them remain calm and press the emergency intercom in the car to notify the staff if they meet emergency situation. And then you should provide instructions and assistance as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the kiddie Ferris wheel at Various places

Kiddie Ferris wheel is suitable for many places. For example, all kinds of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, squares, funfairs, shopping malls and so on. However, the most common occasions where the kids Ferris wheel exists are amusement parks (or theme parks), shopping mall and children’s parks.

  • In amusement park, you can put all sizes of kids Ferris wheel as long as your venue size is enough. And there are always large amount of human flow in amusement park. So if you buy a kids wheel ride in amusement park, we believe that it can help you attract more children whatever older or younger age to play and enjoy a lot.

  • In shopping mall, you may often see some min size children wheel ride due to the limited space. For example, in Dinis, we provide single side and double side kiddie Ferris wheel. And you can put single side wheel ride near the wall and put double side wheel ride in the shopping mall center. That must can improve the popularity of shopping mall and attract more customers coming to the mall.

  • In children’s park, kids Ferris wheel is very common and popular. Even if there are all amusement rides suitable and safe for kids to play, however, Ferris wheel has unique and obvious appearance. So when people step in kids park, they may see it at the first time and increase the possibility of riding. About the appearance, we also provide customized service for you if you need.

kids wheel ride in amusement park
mini kiddie Ferris wheel in shopping mall

Top 3 Hot-selling kiddie Ferris wheels for sale in Dinis

Why Should You Choose Our Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale?

If you plan to buy a kids observation wheel ride for you place, but you don’t know where to buy or how to choose. It doesn’t matter. Dinis Entertainment Technology Company is you best choice. The reasons are as follows:


  • First, we have more than 20 years manufacture experience to produce different types of kids Ferris wheel. So we know which type is the most popular and the most hot-selling products every year. If you want to purchase a kiddie wheel ride to attract more children and improve your revenue, welcome to contact us and get more detailed information about it.

  • Second, we use fiberglass and steel materials to produce children Ferris wheel rides for sale. So that our clients can use our equipment for a long time, get popularity from customers and increase profits. Because good quality can ensure the safety of passengers, and also can better your business. Therefore, we always value the importance of our products’ quality.

  • Third, all of our kids Ferris wheel and other amusement equipment have complete certificates including CE certificate, quality certificate, etc. However, Dinis has been awarded the honorary title of “High-tech Enterprise” in 2023. Therefore, please trust us and believe our professional.

  • Finally, customized service and after sales service are provided in our factory. If you want a customized kids wheel ride for your place, we can communicate with each other, then design and produce the products for you according to your requirements. You must be satisfied with our customized  products. In addition, we provide after sales service and one year free warranty service if you meet any problems of our products.

To be honest, kiddie Ferris wheel is so popular with its various size, hot-selling electric drive mode and diverse suitable places. What’s more, you also should pay attention to the age range, safety rules to make sure kids’ safety. In short, if you need kiddie Ferris wheel or you have any questions about it, welcome to contact us now! We will reply you as soon as possible.