There are three common classifications of Ferris wheels:Large Ferris wheel, Double side Ferris wheel and Kiddie Ferris wheel for sale. As a hot-selling model of future amusement equipment, kiddie Ferris wheel not only has a huge children’s market, but also is more and more welcomed by families from all over the world. Therefore, it has become the first choice for families to ride with their children.

Our kiddie Ferris wheel for sale has become more and more popular among kids because of its novel appearance, colorful and cartoon FRP cabins. The children’s Ferris wheel is suitable for children of a certain age, and the mini Ferris wheel is the most popular model of children’s Ferris wheel. So mini Ferris wheel is also the first choice for parents and children.

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The age range of the kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

The kiddie Ferris wheel is suitable for boys and girls within the age group 2-12 years. And for safety reasons, we recommend that children should ride the Ferris Wheel with the company of their parents or other caregivers. Therefore, the children can enjoy the fun child Ferris wheels happily and safely.

The most popular size of kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

Small Ferris wheel for sale, also called mini Ferris wheel or kids Ferris wheel, is one of the most popular amusement rides among children. And it is also the most popular size of kiddie Ferris wheel.

The mini Ferris wheel is a kind of modern kiddie and family ride in our industry. Passengers and little kids can have a ride on this modern-shaped, beautiful decorated wheels. They can enjoy themselves with a 360 degree view. Besides, its performance is superior to the vintage big Ferris wheels. And it is safer than the big one for the little child .

Generally speaking, each of the small cabin of the mini Ferris wheel can take 2 people at a time. The small Ferris wheel for sale has modern design, colorful painting and good performance. So they are popular with children and parents, and this kind of mini kiddie ride has become a hot amusement item in lot of places. For example, the amusement parks, playgrounds or carnivals, especially the kiddie parks and children’s palace. When enjoying a mini Ferris wheel, passengers are able to enjoy great happiness by its 360-degree rotation around the axle in the circular orbit. And it just like a huge but cute windmill from the far point sight.

Besides, It is easy for you to install and move too. And the rotating speed, number of cabins can be changed according to your request.

kids ferris wheel rides

Hot-selling driven models of the kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

In the children‘s Ferris wheel market, the electric powered kiddie Ferris wheel is the hot selling product. Because it can provide stable electric power for children’s Ferris wheel, and it is also easy to install and use. Therefore, the Ferris wheel can run stably and safely. And there are other Ferris wheels with different driven models, for example, kids pedal powered Ferris wheel for sale.

Additionally, purchase the most suitable kiddie Ferris wheel is very important.

When you are buying a Ferris wheel, you are going to have a decision. And you should decide to buy the adult version or the smaller version you want for the kids area of the theme park. For the kiddie Ferris wheel, you should pay more attention to the passengers, the age of them and the gender. So that you can choose the most suitable style and the theme for the children to achieve the best effect.

Then you should decide the diameter and the capacity of your kiddie Ferris wheel. It is worth mentioning that, our factory can design and produce the different Kiddie Ferris wheels for you to choose, and also provide customized services according to your specific needs. And it will absolutely meet your expectations for the children’s Ferris wheels.

At last, it is necessary to choose a high quality kiddie Ferris wheel with professional certificates and reliable after-sale warranty. Our products have professional certificates. And we also provide technical support for lifetime.

Choosing our products, you will enjoy the considerate after-sale protection and long-term technical support, providing you with long-term and stable running time.

mini kids ferris wheel for sale

Safety rules you should know when riding kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

In order to help ease preschool children’s fears of riding the Ferris wheel , it’s recommended that they ride with their parents in the same cabin. So that the child can feel more secure and reassured during the ascent.

Besides, it is not allowed to run the Ferris wheel on thunderstorm and windy weather. So please choose a sunny day to run the wheels and make sure the tourists can have a better experience.

At last, please remind all passengers to remain seated and keep their body weight evenly distributed. So that passengers can have a safe and enjoyable ride on the kiddie Ferris wheel. Tell your passengers do not stand, jump, or shake the car, and avoid leaning on or tampering with the car door. Smoking and fighting are strictly prohibited in the cabin. And tell them remain calm and press the emergency intercom in the car to notify the staff if they meet emergency situation. Then you should provide instructions and assistance as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the kiddie Ferris wheel at specific places

Kiddie amusement ride mini Ferris wheel is suitable for many places. For example, all kinds of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, squares, funfairs, shopping malls and so on. And the most common occasions where the kiddie Ferris wheel exists are amusement parks (or theme parks) and children’s parks.

The Ferris wheel is one of the most iconic rides in theme parks. Because the shape and size of the Ferris wheel is unmistakable.  And these wheels have enthralled and excited customers for many years. Since the ride is so tall, it is one of the first things passengers see when they enter the theme park. And Ferris wheel ride gives them a great view of the entire park.

Children’s Ferris wheels are huge investments for you and other operators. But you will pay off quickly because people are always want to ride it. And the children’s Ferris wheel occupies a huge share in the Ferris wheel market.  Besides, it is bound to be a must-have item in all major playgrounds cause it can bring a different and unforgettable experience to the majority of tourists.