Tea cup ride is a new type amusement equipment. It has beautiful shape, with a realistic tea pot in the middle and many cups around of different colors. And with the revolution and rotation of the tea cup ride, visitors will feel very happy and also feel the mysterious exotic styles. Nowadays, tea cup ride is becoming more and more popular. So do you want to have a tea cup ride? Please come to Dinis Amusement Company. Because we have many kinds of tea cup ride for sale for you to choose. Now please follow me and learn more information about tea cup ride.

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What is the tea cup ride for sale?

Tea cup ride is a novel designed entertainment facility that can quickly attract people’s attention. It is mainly composed of a turntable and some rotating cups around. And the rotating cups are evenly distributed on the big turntable which rotates around its central axis to make a revolving motion. What’s more, with the rotation of the big turntable, each rotating cup also rotates reversely around the center line of the small plate.

Besides, each rotating cup is a cabin which can hold 4 passengers. And passengers can control the steering wheel to allow the cup to rotate freely and experience the fun of multiple spinning during the play. In addition, this kind of amusement equipment is suitable for tourists of all ages whatever adults or kids. And the cabin and decoration of this product are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with beautiful and vivid appearance.

In our life, you must often see tea cup ride in indoor and outdoor playgrounds, such as amusement parks and shopping mall. In Dinis Amusement Company, we have many different types of tea cup rides for sale. Now, let’s go on.

Dinis coffee cup ride for sale

Different Types of Dinis Coffee Cup Rides for You to Choose

As a professional manufacturer of tea cup rides, Dinis has designed and produced many different types of tea cup amusement equipment. There are coffee cup ride, bear tea cup ride, flower tea cup ride and other styles of tea cup rides. Now, let’s look at these tea cup rides one by one.

Coffee Cup Ride for Sale

The coffee cup ride is a very common and popular amusement equipment. Because it is usually equipped with a coffee pot and several cups. And the edge of the coffee cup is a pattern of spilled coffee, which is very interesting and colorful.

In addition, our coffee cup ride is equipped with a sound system. That means when the device starts, the coffee cup ride rotates slowly with the rhythm of the music, giving passengers a dreamlike feeling. Besides, there are lots of colorful lights around the turntable. So you can see it is very beautiful especially at night.

Cute Bear Shaped Coffee Cup Ride 

The inspiration of the bear tea cup ride comes from a famous Chinese cartoon “Bear Haunted”. We all know that cartoons are very popular with children. So bear tea cup ride is also very popular with children. There is a tree in the middle of the turntable with a man holding a gun on it. In addition, there are some cute bears holding the cups next to the tree. When the equipment is running, the passengers seem to be hugged by the bears and rotate with the tree. Therefore, our bear tea cup rides are well-loved for their beautiful appearance and interesting ride experience.

Attractive Flower Tea Cup Ride

Flower cup ride is another kind of amusement equipment that imitates tea cup ride. There are some blooming flowers with different heights and directions in the middle of the big turntable. And each surrounding cabin is in the shape of honey jar with a cute bee on it. When the equipment is running, passengers feel like they are in the garden. Therefore, flower tea cup ride is very popular among children for its beautiful appearance and vivid scenes.

Among these tea cup amusement rides, which tea cup amusement ride do you want? If you are interested in one of them, welcome to contact us now and know more details.

Is there customized service of coffee cup ride in Dinis?–Yes, of course.

If you want other appearance of the tea cup ride, we also can provide customized service with you whatever in the color, size or the shape.

For example, one of our clients want a kind of coffee cup ride with fruit shape such as watermelon, strawberry and other round shape fruits. Finally, we decide to produce the shape of watermelon for the surrounding cups. Each cup has the shape of half watermelon, and the inside color of the cup is red and black just like the real watermelon pulp and seeds. What’s more, in the middle of the turntable, there is a a shape of whole watermelon.

After operating a few days, this watermelon shape tea cup ride helped him attract lots of customers especially kids and family members.

Therefore, you also can describe the coffee cup ride your want with us if you plan to buy the tea cup ride for your customers. And then we will make the wonderful tea cup rides you are satisfied with.

bring you Unforgettable ride experience with our tea cup ride for sale

Most people choose to play the tea cup ride due to its unique ride experience. So what kind of feeling and experience tea cup ride can bring us? Next, let me tell you.

  • First, the multiple spinning experience. There are three kinds of rotating experience tea cup ride can bring you. The first one is the revolution of the turntable. And the second one is the rotation from each small turntable with reverse direction. The last one is from the free spinning controlled by passengers. In short, when you start to play the coffee cup ride, you should prepare to feel these thrilling and exciting multiple spinning experiences. Remember not to play when you just eat much food. You must know the reasons.

  • Second, situational and immersive experience. That means when you play different shapes of the tea cup ride, you will have the chance to experience the different situation immersively. For example, when you play the flower shape tea cup ride, you can close your eyes and imagine that you are in a beautiful garden surrounding with lots of cute bees. And you may smell the favor of the flower and the fresh air. That will be interesting and enjoyable. Do you think so?

  • Third, if you play the tea cup ride with your kids or friends together, you may get a lot of fun. Because your feeling and experience can deliver to each other and influence each other. Then the happiness will be double and even more. So why not try our coffee cup ride and gain unforgettable experience? Just enjoy the time with your kids, friends or family members, we believe that you will enjoy and gain a lot.

In a word, the tea cup ride in Dinis can bring you unforgettable experience, provide you various style and also customized service of coffee cup ride if you need. Please contact us now if you are interested in it or you have any questions about our tea cup ride for sale.