In the past, amusement parks had only one kind of carousel shaped like a horse. However, nowadays, there are various styles of playground merry go round for sale. So you can find a range of animals and popular cartoon-shaped carousels. And if you’re looking to buy a carousel for your amusement park, Dinis is a professional manufacturer in designing and manufacturing playground merry go round rides. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality amusement park carousels. Next, please follow me and learn more information about our playground carousels.

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How many types of the playground merry go round for sale?

Dinis has many different types of playground merry go rounds for sale. And the design of the carousel is very novel, such as antique carousel ride, ocean merry go round for sale, animal carousel for sale, coin operated merry go round rides and so on. So what type of playground merry go round do you want? In addition, we also provide customized service whatever in color or shape. So you can contact us and tell us the color you like. And then we will make it according to your requirements.

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What is the running speed of playground carousel?

Because its running speed is very stable, there are not too many restrictions on the ride of tourists. And this kind of amusement facility is suitable for tourists of any age to ride. For children, when they see the beautiful merry go round, they must want to ride it. And for adults, this is a memory of a good childhood. For the elderly, it is to make up for the lack of childhood. Of course, the speed of the carousel can be changed. Generally speaking, the speed of the amusement park carousel ride is 0.8 m per second.

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Wooden Merry Go Round VS Fiberglass Merry Go Round

With the development of technology, more and more playground merry go rounds of different materials have appeared on the market. For example, wooden playground merry go round and fiberglass playground merry go round. So which one should you buy? And what are the differences between them? Next, let’s see.

Wooden Playground Merry Go Round

The traditional merry go round is made of wood. Its advantage is that it is natural and non-toxic, and can be flexibly assembled according to the requirements of children’s amusement equipment. However, due to the merry go round is a wooden material, so it needs to be treated with anti-corrosion. In addition, it is not suitable for some older children.

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Fiberglass Playground Merry Go Round

The modern merry go round is made of fiberglass. And the advantage fiberglass is that it is very solid. So the life of the amusement equipment will increase, too. What’s more, the surface of the carousel can be polished, making it look beautiful. At present, the material of the merry go round is widely used glass fiber materials. Besides, this material of the merry go round is very popular among most amusement equipment manufacturers.

Merry go round with fiberglass

Ultimately, the choice between wooden or fiberglass playground merry-go-round depends on your specific needs and preferences. And you should consider your budget, maintenance requirements, durability, and aesthetics comprehensively when making your decision.

In Dinis, we use fiberglass to make all playground carousels. So we can guarantee the quality of the merry go round. And if you plan to invest in the amusement park merry go round, please consider and choose us. We can make sure to provide you great products with reliable quality and also thoughtful service.

Instructions For Use Of The Playground Merry Go Round

After you use the merry go round for a period, you should overhaul the carousel equipment to ensure that it is in good running condition. Because a well-running carousel will give passengers a good experience. And when passengers want to take a carousel again, they will also choose your carousel.

In addition, you should always check the fasteners of the whole machine. Especially the fasteners of the safe parts which are related to the safety of passengers. So in order to ensure the safety of passengers, this is an essential step.

And for some mechanical operation parts, such as reduction gearbox, slewing bearing, gear mesh, etc, you should regularly add grease for lubrication. Because this step can avoid these parts working unnormally, causing the merry go round to run abnormally.

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What Size Of The Playground Merry Go Round For Sale?

Dinis has full size amusement park carousels for sale, such as mini merry go rounds and large merry go rounds. And each carousel ride has a different size. For example, the radius of the carousel has 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, and so on. You can choose the playground carousel according to your location. Of course, we also can make customized products according to your needs. You just need send us your venue size and your requirements, and then we will customize a suitable merry go round for you.

Where Can You Use The Playground Merry Go Round?

The playground merry go round can be used not only in amusement parks, but also in other places, such as squares, theme parks, gardens and other indoor and outdoor places. And if you want to place the carousel in an indoor place, you should consider the height of the merry go round. Because you should avoid situations where the merry go round is too high to be placed indoors.

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Merry Go Round Feedback From Oversea Customers

As a Chinese manufacturer of amusement park carousels, we also have a vast overseas market. A few months ago, we exported a merry go round to Pakistan. Then the buyer told us that he liked the playground merry go round for sale by Dinis very much. Besides, after he bought the amusement park carousel ride, it attracted a lot of people’s attention because of its beautiful appearance. So he also made a huge profit. That made him very excited, and he said he would recommend our company to his friends.

What’s more, there are many clients from other countries. Now let’s see their reviews about our playground merry go round rides.

Customer reviews

Here are some examples of feedback we’ve received from overseas customers

“The fiberglass merry-go-round we purchased from Dinis is a hit with our customers. It is sturdy, safe, and has a unique design that sets it apart from other playground equipment. So we’re planning to order more products from Dinis in the future.”

Thomas, USA

“As a playground designer, I’m always looking for innovative and exciting equipment for my projects. Dinis offers a range of customizable merry-go-rounds that have helped me create some truly unique play spaces. What’s more, my clients are always thrilled.”

Matin, Spain

“We were excited with the quality of the merry-go-round we received from Dinis. And it was easy to install, and the children in our park love it so much. We highly recommend Dinis for anyone looking for high-quality playground equipment.”

Sarah, Australia

“What truly sets your Merry-Go-Round apart from others I’ve experienced is the detail and the thought put into when creating a truly immersive experience. The ornate mirrors surrounding the ride reflected the joy on riders’ faces, further enhancing the magical feeling and atmosphere.”

Frank, US

At Dinis, we value our customers and strive to provide the best possible products and service. Besides, we’re always happy to hear feedback from our customers. And we also use those feedback to continue improving and innovating our playground equipment. So if you’re considering purchasing a merry-go-round for your park or playground, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and services. And we will provide you with the best products and services.