When it comes to the most thrilling and exciting amusement ride in amusement park, pirate ship boat ride must be ranked in top 3. Besides, it is popular with most people of all ages, except those little kids. In Dinis, we provide different sizes and styles swing boat ride with affordable price. If you are interested in, please follow me and learn more details about our pirate ship boat for sale.

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The Best Quality of the Pirate Ship Ride in Dinis

As a professional and reliable manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, we know that the quality of pirate ship ride is the first thing you pay attention to if you want to buy it. Because good quality can extend the longevity, save your maintenance cost, and also help you get more profits. The following are the materials we use for our pirate boat ride for sale:

For our viking ship ride body, we use FRP, which can make it corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and not easy to fade. More importantly, boat swing ride with FRP can attract people’s attention due to its bright and colorful appearance. Passengers will not worry about the safety at the same time.

We use high strength steel for its main structure. For any thrilling amusement rides, safety is the most important standard. So during the process of production, we use reliable steel to make sure its stability and durability.

For the seat outer layer of the viking boat ride, we use soft leather. Compared to stainless steel outer layer, leather seats can bring passenger more comfortable ride experience. And also in your daily use, it is convenient to maintain.

We use metal materials for the handrail, fence, and transmission system. You know that metal has high strength and high hardness. So it can make the pirate ship ride become stable and sturdy.

How Many Seats of Swing Boat Ride for Sale in Dinis?

Whatever mini pirate boat ride or large swing ship ride, we use the same materials. In Dinis, we have various capacity of the swing ship ride for sale, including 8/12/24/32/40/… seats. Here are the parameters:

Capacity 8-12 passengers 24 passengers 32 passengers 40 passengers
Power 4 kw 15 kw 26 kw 36 kw
Voltage 380 v 380 v 380 v 380 v
Height 3 m 10 m 11.5 m 15 m
Area Size 6*5 m 14*7 m 16*8 m 18*9 m
swing boat ride for sale

You can choose the suitable size according to your venue size, main customer groups, average passenger flow, and your own budget. For each size, we can recommend you the most popular style. In our factory, the most hot-selling styles of pirate ship boat ride are dragon boat ride, snow themed mini pirate ship ride, luxury swinging ship ride, etc. What’s more, customized design is also provided with you according to your requirements.

How Much Is A Pirate Ship Boat for Sale?

The price of the viking ship ride concludes several factors, such as size, materials, customized design, shipping cost, installation cost, tax, etc. So in Dinis, we give you the approximate price range for you as a reference.

8 passengers


snow theme
forest theme
popular for kids
customized design

8 passengers pirate ship ride for sale
12 passengers


indoor places
outdoor places
family groups
various styles

12 seater small pirate boat ride
24/32 passengers


enough space
dragon shape
kids & adults

24 seats pirate ship boat for sale
40 passengers


large size
luxury design
wide application
amusement park

40 passenger large viking ship ride

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All in all, pirate ship boat for sale in Dinis has affordable price, reliable quality, all kinds of popular styles, etc. If you are interested in, please contact us at any time!