For amusement train ride, there are two main style: trackless train ride and ride on train with track ride. And the difference between them is that ride on train with track ride has tracks which can bring passengers the feeling of riding true train in daily life. Then how about its drive mode, different size and appearance, suitable groups and venue? In Dinis, a professional amusement equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years, we have ride on train track for sale and we know the whole information about it. Next, let’s see.

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Electric Train Track for Sale & Ride on Petrol Train Track for Sale? How to Choose?

In our factory, small train track for sale are electric. Medium size train track rides can use either battery or diesel as the drive mode. And large ride on train with track ride uses diesel. Now let’s see the parameters as follows.

Electric Ride on Train Tracks for Sale

Parameter Small Size Medium Size
Capacity 16/20 passengers 24/36/48/72 passengers
Guage 300 mm 406/600 mm
Battery Lithium Battery Lithium Battery
Power 48 V 200 A 72 V 250 A/400 A
Speed ≤7 km/h ≤7 km/h
Slope ≤1.5% ≤1.5%
Turning Radius ≥ 8 m ≥ 12/18/20/25 m
Vehicle Weight 1.8/2.1 t 4.5/5/5.5/11 t

Ride on Petrol Train Track for Sale


Capacity 96/120/200 passengers
Guage 762/900/1435 mm
Drive Mode Diesel Generator Sets
Speed ≤ 7 km/h
Slope ≤1.5%
Turning Radius ≥ 28/40/50 m
Vehicle Weight 12/36.5 t

According to the information above, you may know how to choose electric track tracks for sale and ride on petrol train track for sale due to the different size you need.

How About the Ride on Train Track for sale for Adults?

Generally, all ages of people are suitable to ride on the train with track ride. However, ride on train track ride for adults commonly includes medium and large size train track for sale. Because whatever for the number of seats or the spacious space, these two sizes of ride on train with track rides are popular and suitable for adults to ride.

ride on train and track for adults

In addition, do you know why ride on train with track ride for adults is so popular? The reasons are as follows:

Why Ride on Train Track for sale for Adults is So Popular?

  • First, most adults like to travel outside and enjoy the view. So sightseeing train track ride gives them convenience to get a whole viewpoint. Especially in some places like scenic spot, natural park, farm, amusement park and etc. Besides, ride on train with track ride also plays a role in transporting tourists from one place to another place. Therefore, rideable train with track for sale becomes more and more popular with most people.

  • Second, train track for sale brings passengers comfortable and cozy ride experience and feelings. For example, try to imagine that, you are sitting on a train through the forest. And then you close your eyes, feel the soft wind on your face and smell fresh air around, you must relax a lot and even fall asleep. So the unique experience ride on train track ride bring people also attracts most adults to ride.

  • Third, some adults will choose to carry their kids to ride on the train with track ride. Actually, there are lots of ways enjoying their family time. So what about the special point of riding on train with track ride? For example, various shape like elephant, bright colors, colorful lights, beautiful music and etc which attract both adults and kids a lot. So during the process of riding, they can get a lot of fun and unforgettable memory.

Mini ride on Train Track for Sale

Except for large rideable train with track ride for adults, mini train tracks for sale attracts children’s attention most. In Dinis, mini train with track ride is new style train ride now. And the biggest feature of it is the mini shape and small size. So mini rideable train with track ride is vary suitable for some places which has limited space or high traffic flow. For example, you can use it in shopping mall, on the shore, in forest, farm, hotel and so on.

Why Mini ride on Train Track for Sale can Attract Kids Most?

  • First, nearly all kids love it due to the lifelike shape of the locomotive such as Thomas, animals, etc. Generally, they cannot refuse to ride on a cute and funny train with track ride.

  • Second, different theme color bring kids different visual experience such as pink garden theme, blue sea theme, etc. In Dinis, we produce various mini ride on train track ride with different theme colors. What’s more, you can tell us the color you want and then get customized service from us.

  • Third, different from medium and large size train with track ride, mini train with track for sale provides one row of vertical seats for passengers. And each seat only can load one person to sit. That is special, right? And this design can increase kids’ interests and bring them unique ride experience.

More importantly, adults also can ride on it or when they carry their little child. So why not provide your passengers chance to ride on and experience this mini ride on train with track ride?

Ant ride on Train Track for Sale

Recently, our factory has produced a new type train track ride –Ant train with track for sale. Now let’s see what it look like.

  • Firstly, the whole shape of its locomotive is pink ant. And there is a yellow crown on the ant head which looks pretty.

  • Secondly, each cabin is pink and white which make the whole appearance more stylish and attractive especially for kids.

  • Finally, it is very suitable for these places such as zoo, farm, scenic spot and other places with natural scenery. Because passengers can fully enjoy the scenery and also take beautiful photos at the same time.

48 Seats Ant ride on train Track for Sale

The followings are the parameter of 48 seats ant train with track for sale. Of course, there are other ant train rides with track in different capacity. If you need, please contact us now!

Capacity 48 passengers
Guage 406 mm
Battery Lithium Battery
Power 72 V 250 A/400 A
Turning Radius ≥20 m
Vehicle Weight 5.5 t
Size  26.5 m*1.1m*2m

Zoo ride on Train Track for Sale

Actually, train track ride is popular with lots of venues such as scenic spot, park, farm, zoo and so on. Zoo train with track for sale is popular recently, do you know why? Next, let’s see.

Why ride on Train Track for Sale is So Popular in the Zoo?

  • First of all, we all know that in the zoo, tourists need traffic tool to visit animals. Therefore, zoo train ride with track has becomes a popular traffic tool gradually. On the one hand, the speed of the train track ride is slow and soft. Therefore, passengers have much time to visit large amounts of different animals during the riding process. On the other hand, they don’t need walk and feel relaxed.

  • Secondly, most of our clients will ask for customized train ride with track for their zoo. For example, they need different shape of animals like rabbit, tiger, bear, etc or different color which should match with the theme of their zoo. Gradually, most people are willing to come to their zoo due to the attractive zoo train with track ride.

  • The last one, expect for animals in the zoo, any other attractive and unique things also can help you increase the traffic flow. Zoo train track ride is a good example. Because there will be some customers who come to the zoo in order to ride the train ride. So if you want operate your zoo well, you can consider to add some train rides with track.

ride on train Track for sale Amusement Supplier

It is vital to find a reliable train with track ride amusement supplier. So where can you purchase satisfying train track amusement ride? Dinis, as a professional amusement ride manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, can be your best choice. The reasons are as follows:

  • First, we provide various ride on train with track for sale whatever in color, shape, size, capacity or drive mode. For example, we have from 16 to 200 seats rideable train with track ride for you to choose, electric or diesel drive mode according to your needs and etc.

  • Second, one-year warranty, life free after-sales service and and customized service are provided with you. Whatever you have any requirements or questions, you can contact us. And we hope that our products can help you get more customers and better business.

  • Third, we use fiberglass and sheet metal to produce the main body of the train with track amusement ride. If you are professional, you may know the advantage of fiberglass which can make the train ride corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and not easy to fade. All in all, with good quality, you will use our ride on train with track for sale for many years.

customized track train ride

In short, ride on train with track for sale in Dinis has different drive mode, various size and appearance to suit different groups and places. Besides, knowing how to choose a reliable supplier is important, too. So if you have any questions about our train track rides, please contact us now!