Track train amusement ride is popular with most people due to its simulated ride experience just like the real train. In Dinis, our track train ride for sale is hot-selling products among our clients both foreign and domestic. And in September, 2023, a foreign client from Portugal called James have purchased two kinds of track train rides from us to use in different places. Next, let’s see the details about the track train for sale in Portugal.

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Is There Suitable Track Train Ride for My Backyard?

James tells us he wants to put a track train amusement ride in his backyard. Because he has some children who love riding train very much. When he carries his kids to an amusement park, he cannot separate them from the track train amusement ride. Therefore, he plans to buy a amusement train ride with track in the backyard. In addition, his backyard size is 15*20 m. According to his venue size, we recommend him a kind of track train ride as follows.

Capacity 26 passengers
Track Size 10 m diameter
Voltage 380 V
Power 2 KW

What’s more, he also requires more seats of track train ride. Because except for his children, he can bring happiness to his family members and his friends. Yes, of course. All ages of people can ride this train ride because it is safe and in a gentle speed. Therefore, we recommend him 26 passengers train ride in capacity.

Can You Recommend Me A Kind of Christmas Train Ride with Track?

After seeing the design diagram of the backyard track train ride, he feels satisfied with it. Then he asked us if there is popular Christmas track train. Because the Christmas Day is coming soon and he plans to use it in the shopping mall to help him attract more customers. And then we recommend him the most popular and hot-selling Christmas train ride with track. The details are as follows.

Capacity  14 passengers
Track Size 10 m diameter
Voltage 380 V
Power 2 KW

James wants more colorful LED lights on the train. Of course, we can meet his requirements. And except for lights, we also provide customized service including color, shape, size and etc. Finally, he decides to buy the two track train ride above mentioned.

His Feedback of the Track Train Ride in Portugal

In January 15th,2024, we received his feedback of the track train rides.

For the backyard track train, his kids enjoyed a lot and nearly play the track train everyday. And his friends and family members also phrased his good taste. “We really love this amusement train with track. Thanks, my dear! ” He said.

Besides, the Christmas track train ride in the shopping mall also got good reputation. He said the train ride help him attract more customers coming to the shopping mall and get good revenue. Especially during Christmas Days, crowds of people bring their kids to experience it even the seats are not enough. And most of customers said they were attracted by its colorful appearance and decorations.

In short, we are happy to hear this good news. Because we are dedicated to satisfy each of our client and help them get good profits. So if you are interested in our track train amusement ride, please contact us now and know more information about it.