The riding train for kids is a reliable, fun, and customized option for various events and locations. Besides, it has strong battery life, thousands of color options, voltage options, customized tracks, and customization options. And it is sure that the riding train will provide a memorable experience for children. So next, let’s see more information about it.

riding train for kids
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How long does the riding train for kids battery run ?

Try to imagine that when children ride a train or are fully engaged in a play activity, sudden interruption due to human error or equipment malfunction can easily lead to emotional breakdown. And then it will cause them to feel lost, sad and also bring poor ride experience for both parents and children. Therefore, they may choose to avoid such places, and instead choosing other places where equipment operates reliably.

It means that kids must enjoy a long and uninterrupted ride on the train. So our riding train for kids can make sure the enough running time for you and your tourists. Under normal use, the battery can last for 5-7 years. And the every day continuous working time is 8-10 hours, making it a reliable and cost-effective option. What’s more, regular maintenance can help prolong its lifespan even further.

battery train ride for kids

Can the tracks be moved and customized?

The tracks of our riding train for kids are mobile and can be customized. And according to the features of the passengers (almost of them are children, maybe with the company of the parents and adults), the tracks are smaller and lighter with smaller seats. Besides, the kid riding train is lightweight and easy to move. So that makes it a versatile option for various events and locations.

In short, we aim to design the easy transportation for you. And your specific requirements, such as gauge, track shape, size, slope, site size, or number of carriages, please let us know. Then we will help you customize the product according to your needs.

Track Train Ride for Children

Can the color of the riding train for kids be chosen?

Of course, we offer customization options to meet your specific color requirements. Maybe you want red, yellow, pink, gradient color or other different colors of train ride for kiddie. It doesn’t matter, we can meet your requirements and provide the perfect train ride for you.

And also there are some example: the popular Tomas riding train ride for kids comes in black and red, the Christmas Riding Train for Kids which is designed with red and white colors.

So simply let us know your preferences for ride along train for kids. And then we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Because we are aiming to design and produce the color you want and the dream riding train for kids for you.

Dinis Christmas Train Ride

What kind of the Voltage is available ?

For customers in the USA, Canada, etc, we offer the riding train with both 220 V and 110 V voltage options to suit their needs. However, if you are from other countries, you just need send us your requirements (for example the converter). And then we will give you the satisfactory solution which can ensure that you can use the riding train in a variety of settings and locations.

What are the customization Options for you ?

We offer customization options for the riding train to meet your specific requirements. So you can provide details with us. For example, the track gauge, number of cabins, track gradient, available space, etc. And then we will confirm whether we can accommodate your request. It means that you can customize the riding train to suit your event or the child’s preferences.

What is the proper age for our riding train ?

Our Riding Train for Kids is perfect for kids of all ages whether the child is a toddler or a pre-teen. And they are sure to have a blast riding our train. Because the train ride is a fun-filled adventure and it takes the child on a scenic tour around the amusement park or other amusement places. In addition, the child will get to see all the amazing sights and sounds of the park, making it an unforgettable experience.

No matter you are looking for the small riding train for 5 year old children or 6 year old for example. We have the proper riding train for you. In addition, we focus on the ride on train sets for kids for more than 20 years. And we also have different kinds of riding train for kids. Knowing the feature of the riders—most of them are children, so we design the unique color and theme for them, even the seats are designed with the safe belt. More importantly, the seats are suitable for the adults too. So their parents can company their kids to keep their safe.

In addition to being a fun and safe ride, our children’s ride on train is also an affordable option for parents. Our company will offer reasonable rates that make it accessible to everyone. So if you are looking for a fun and memorable experience for the kids, please consider our Riding Train for Kids.

Why wait? Book the kids riding trains today and give your tourists an experience they’ll never forget!