Carousel amusement ride has always been the most common, popular and necessary amusement equipment for many years wherever in amusement park, theme park or other venues. However, most of them are single level carousel rides. So have you ever seen Double Decker carousel near you before? In Dinis, we also provide Double Decker carousel for sale with reliable quality and thoughtful service. And then what are the differences between single level carousel ride and Double Decker style? What are the features and advantages of Double Decker merry go round? Now, please follow me and let’s see.

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Single Level Carousel VS Double Decker Carousel. What are the differences?

Actually, the main differences between single level carousel ride and Double Decker carousel are in these aspects :

single level carousel ride
  • First, the difference on the structure. The biggest difference is that Double Decker carousel ride has two floors. Besides, the carousel horses on the second floor can be moved to ride, or just be fixed as the decoration to attract customers. So if you plan to buy a 2 story carousel, you should consider the function of the second floor carousel horses.

  • Second, they are different in size. Generally, the Double Deck carousel has more seats and higher height than single floor merry go round. Therefore, it can load large amount of passengers once. And also, most people will be attracted by its unique appearance and huge size. However, single level carousel is more convenient and portable for you to move and maintain in daily life due to its size.

  • Third, they are common in different places. For single floor merry go round rides, we also see them in small park, amusement park, kids play center, temple fair and etc. However, for Double Deck carousel ride, we see them in some large famous amusement park, carnival activities, scenic spot and so on. So if you want to purchase a carousel ride, you should consider the suitable place in advance.

  • Finally, the difference on the function. Except for amusement function, Double Decker carousel ride has more functions. For example, customers can take beautiful photos in front of the Double Decker carousel especially for girls and kids due to its colorful lights and luxurious decorations especially at night. And another function is that Double Deck merry go round can be regarded as the landmark in certain place. So many people can remember the place gradually by it.

After learning the differences between them, you may choose the suitable one for yourself and your passengers according to your needs and the situation.

The Parameter of 38-seat and 68-seat Double Decker Carousel for Sale

The most common capacity of Double Layer carousel ride are 38 seats and 68 seats. And the followings are their parameter.

Capacity 38 passengers 68 passengers
Power 12.5KW 25KW
Voltage 380V 220V/380V
Speed 3.16RPM 3.6RPM
Rotate Diameter 8.2m 9.3m

What Are the Unique Features of Double Decker Carousel for Sale?

Each product has its unique features, so as for Double Layer merry go round. Now, let’s see.

Various Appearance of Double Layer Carousel Ride

Firstly, it has rich and various theme in appearance and bring passengers unforgettable ride experience. Such as castle theme, cartoon theme, animal world theme, ocean theme and etc. And different theme bring passengers different ride experience. While those kids and adults sitting on the carousel ride, they may enter a virtual world and enjoy themselves. Especially for the the double layer design, people on the second floor also can visit the beautiful panoramic views and relax well.

Two-story Merry Go Round with Gorgeous Decorations

Secondly, compared to single layer carousel ride, Double Deck carousel has more lights, more gorgeous decorations, more kinds of music box and etc. And that is also one of the reasons that why Double Decker carousel ride can attract most customers whenever during the day or at night.

luxury Double Decker carousel for sale

Unique Design of Stairs for Double Decker Carousel Ride

Thirdly, Double Decker carousel has the design of stairs form the first floor to the second floor. And the location of the stairs can be put in the middle of the carousel ride, or at the edge of the carousel. Besides, the color and the shape of the stairs are various and can be customized. So if you have your own idea, Dinis can meet your requirements and provide you the beautiful Double Layer merry go round ride you are satisfied.

The above points are the unique features of Double Deck merry go round. And those are also the reasons why Double Deck Carousel can attract lots of passengers whatever little kids, young adults or even old people.

Double Decker Carousel for Sale in the Trade Show

On March, 2024, we have produced a kind of luxury double decker carousel for sale in a trade show. Lots of customers are interested in our carousel ride and play it for many times. Now let’s see what does it look like?

  • First, the theme colors are gold and black which make the Double Decker carousel look luxury and attractive. What’s more, full of the yellow lights, the whole carousel looks bright. Especially at night, this Double Decker will be the only amusement equipment that stands out. And also it is a great landscape for people to take photos.

  • Second, the first layer carousel horses are vintage style with white and other clean and simple colors. However, the bottom layer carousel horses has many different kinds of colors including deep red and deep blue which make the carousel ride look exotic. Different style of horse design bring passengers two choices while playing.

  • Third, both of the Double Decker carousel side has stair design which is convenient for passengers to go upstairs and downstairs. What’s more, we design the fence with safe height in order to protect the safety of customers especially for kids.

  • Fourth, do you know why our carousel ride for sale looks so bright and colorful? That is because we use the reliable materialfiberglass. Fiberglass is strong, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and not easy to fade. So you can use it for a long time and no need worry about the quality.

  • Finally, expect for trade show, you can also use it in lots of places including amusement parks, theme parks, fairground, park, resorts, carnival and etc. Because of its double layer design and luxury appearance, we believe that it can bring you considerable income and more human traffic.

How Much Does A Double Decker Carousel Ride Cost?

Exactly, the price of Double Deck carousel ride is different according to different capacity, theme, decoration, material and so on. The followings are the approximate price range for you as a reference.

32-38 seats double layer carousel


48-68 seats double decker carousel


Compared to single floor carousel, the price is a little expensive. But the later profits are returnable and worth the wait. So if you want to purchase a kind of Double Deck carousel ride in our factory, you need prepare at least 100000 dollars. And we hope that the Double Decker merry go round from us will bring you considerable income and help you increase human flow and also good reputation. Because on the one hand, we use best material to manufacture the products such as fiberglass. And on the other hand, we provide thoughtful service like after-sales service, customized service, one-year warranty and so on. So you can choose us and believe us.

3 Reasons about Why Double Layer Carousel Ride Is So Popular

If you ask me why Double Layer carousel ride is so popular, the followings are the three reasons.

  • First, it is a good place to take photos and clock in. With regard to young adults, taking beautiful photos and sharing them to their social media are one of the pleasure in their daily life. And Double Deck carousel can be regarded as a pretty background appeared in their photos. So that is the first reason why it is popular with young people.

  • Second, as a landmark, Double Deck merry go round is a good choice for you. Try to imagine that you travel to a certain place and then you see the gorgeous Double Layer carousel ride first, you must remember it deeply. And then you also can remember the name of the place you travel to at the same time. So two story merry go round ride as a landmark is popular with most of our clients.

  • Third, the main reason about why it is so popular is due to the appearance. And the main customers who will play carousel ride are children and young girls. Because almost every person love beauty and beautiful things such as flowers, rainbow and so on, especially for kids and girls. And Double Deck carousel belongs to beautiful things in the whole amusement park. So it always can grasp people’s eyes firstly and quickly.

In short, Double Layer merry go round is so attractive and popular, why not provide your customers this enjoyable ride experience?

What Should You Pay Attention to Most When You Have A Double Deck Carousel Ride for Your Customers?

If you have bought a Double Decker carousel ride in your venue, do you know what should you consider most in daily operation? And how to ensure lasting revenue for your business? Now let’s see.

The safety of your passengers

First, you should pay more attention to the safety of your passengers. Because if there is safety incident, your business and your reputation will be influenced a lot. And for the second floor, you should check the quality of the fence every day to make sure the safety of your customers. If there are kids on the second floor, you should ask their parents or guardian to company with their kid. Besides, check the seats, seat belt and etc to protect people comprehensively and meticulously.

Regular maintenance and upkeep

Second, regular maintenance and upkeep are also important. Because it can effect the life span of your Double Deck carousel ride and also the passengers’ ride experience. For example, keep clean on the carousel horse surface, check the lights and decorations, lubricate moving parts, check for wear and so on. And if you can do well in daily maintenance, you can use the Double Deck carousel ride for a long time even more than 10 years.

other precautions you should consider

Finally, except for the safety of passengers and the daily maintenance, you also should consider the operator training, emergency drill, daily records and other precautions of the carousel ride.

All in all, the more things you consider, the more safe of your passengers, and also the more profits you get. And you also can ask us for help if you meet some problems of the double decker carousel ride.

In short, until now, you must know more about our Double Decker carousel ride for sale including the differences between it and single level carousel ride, its unique features, approximate price, the reasons why it is so popular and so on. And if you are interested in it, or you have other questions about Double Deck merry go round, welcome to contact us now. We will reply you as quickly as possible.