The big pirate ship rides are very popular in a lot of places. For example, funfair, amusement parks, theme parks, carnival city parks and so on.

And about the large pirate ship rides, we should know about their differences from mini rides. For example, the running system, the speed, the height requirements and the material of them. Now let’s see.

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Large pirate ship rides VS. Small pirate ship rides for sale

Large pirate ship rides come in two sizes, with the bigger one able to hold 32 passengers and the smaller one having a capacity of 24 passengers. And the area size, height, voltage, power, and volume of the big swinging pirate ship ride depend on the chosen model. On the other hand, mini pirate ship has a capacity of 8-12 passengers and a smaller area size, height, voltage, power, and volume compared to the large pirate ship rides.

The dimensions of large and mini pirate ship rides Are as follows:

Large pirate ship is more appropriate for accommodating more passengers and larger spaces. For example, the dimensions of our 24 seats pirate ship boat ride are as follows:

Capacity: 24 passengers

Area Size: 12*8 m

Height: 8 m

Voltage: 380 V

Power: 15 kw

Volume: 40 HQ(12 m)

24 passengers big pirate ship ride

If your space is limited and have fewer passengers, a mini pirate ship would be more suitable for you. And then these are the dimensions of mini pirate ship:

Capacity: 8-12 passengers

Area Size: 6*5 m

Height: 3 m

Voltage: 380 V

Power: 4 kw

Volume: 20 GP(6 m)

small pirate boat ride for sale

The material and decoration of the big amusement park boats for sale

The main material of the large pirate ship amusement park ride is : FRP+ Steel.

Actually, we always choose the material with high quality and full certifications. Because we hope to make sure that we can provide the amusement park rides for you with safety and healthy experience. What’s more, we all know that the cheap material will damage the safety of your tourists and also the fame of your business. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the materials if you want to buy a large pirate ride.

Besides, the giant pirate ships usually have many different styles decorated with the LED lights and USB drive music box. And all decorative parts of pirate ships are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (also called FRP). So during riding on the seats of big boat, the tourists will have a good view of your playground and be attracted by the colorful lights and lively boat.

How does the big pirate ship rides work?

After you know more about the structure and drive mode of the big pirate ship rides, you will be clear how does it work.


The pirate ship swing is a thrilling ride that is based on pirate or Viking ships. And it consists of an open gondola, available in both large and small sizes. While operating, it moves back and forth around a horizontal or x-axis. And what’s more, the gondola contains many seats for passengers. So you don’t need worry about its volume of space.

Besides, when the gondola swings, riders can experience various levels of angular momentum. The ride is supported by four legs firmly attached to the ground. And the car or gondola is attached to two strong, weight-bearing arms located at each corner. They are in turn fixed to an axle that joins the four legs at a single point. And then when the ride begins, it slowly transitions from a gentle sway to a more intense motion that mimics the feeling of being on a stormy ocean.

big swing boat ride for sale

Drive mode

We know that electrical system had been used to the amusement rides, so as the pirate ship rides. And for this system, it usually consists of an electric control system, a spinning electrical machine, a conducting ring and an LED circuit for decorations.

Besides, the total power switch helps to enter the power supply of three-phased 380 V into the electrical control box. And following are the stages that are involved in running the electrical system of the pirate ship:

  • First, start by turning on the automatic air switch located on the electrical control box.
  • Second, activate the control power switch to power the electrical system.

  • Next, press the BELL button to initiate a five-second ringing sound as a preparatory measure.

  • Finally, use the rotation button to set the ride in motion, causing it to swing back and forth around the horizontal or x-axis.

The big ride on pirate ship height requirements

Usually, according to different sizes of the pirate ship rides, the height is about 8-12 m. What’s more, the height requirements of the the pirate boat rides are various from different factories, for the different designer and producer.

big pirate ship ride in Dinis

various themes of the big pirate ship rides

The big pirate ship ride often features elaborate themes, including intricate designs and details that resemble a pirate ship. Besides, the ride is typically located in an area of the park that is decorated to match the pirate theme, with props such as treasure chests, pirate flags, and other nautical elements to enhance the atmosphere.

Except for the benefits we have mentioned just now, there are other great benefits of pirate ship rides. For example, they may be customized with painting and a few new lights. It means that they are good choice for theme parks that undergo redesigns from time to time to help keep guests’ interests. And some of the most popular themes include Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Pirates from the Caribbean, Jaws and spooky wrecks and so on. Besides, you can buy pirate rides that are already themed, however, a majority of park owner love to create their own custom designs.

In short, if you have any other questions about big pirate ship rides, please contact us now!