The electric driven mode is the most popular driven mode among the amusement rides. And if you decide to get a pirate ship ride, electric pirate ship ride is recommended for you.

As we know, a pirate ship ride is a type of enjoyment ride based on the pirate or Viking ships. It consists of an open large or small gondola. And the gondola is equipped with seats for passengers and moves back and forth along the horizontal or x-axis. When passengers board the platform, they should take their seats and fasten the safety belt. And once the “pirate ship” ride begins, it starts off slowly and gradually builds up speed until it swings rapidly back and forth.

What’s more, it will simulate the sensation of being on a boat encountering strong winds and waves at sea. Because the ride takes passengers through crests and valleys of simulated waves, creating a thrilling and exciting experience. So it ensures a safe and smooth operation.

And also the electric pirate boat rides have different kinds of types and sizes. So we also produce different kinds of electric pirate ship rides for you to choose. Next, please follow me and learn about that.

electric pirate ship ride
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Hot selling sizes of our electric pirate ship ride

The large pirate ship and amusement park mini pirate ship are the two popular sizes of the swing boat rides. And they are popular with most of the pirate ship funfair, amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, city park and etc. Next, let’s see them one by one.

Large Pirate Ship ride can hold 24 passengers at the same time. And more specifications of the large pirate ship ride, please see the following parameter:

Area Size: 12*8 m

Height: 8 m

Voltage: 380 V

Power: 15 kw

Volume: 40 HQ(12 m)

Mini pirate ship ride can hold 8-12 passengers at the same time. And more specifications of the mini one, please see the following parameter:

Area Size: 6*5 m

Height: 3 m

Voltage: 380 V

Power: 4 kw

Volume: 20 GP(6 m)

In a word, what size you will choose depends on your budget and the size of your venues. And also we provide the customized service for you.

Kids electric pirate ship ride with comprehensive security protection

Firstly, about the kids amusement rides: we think highly of the outward appearance of the products. So we use the colorful painting and kinds of lively characters to create a wonderful children’s play center. And we always try to become the number one manufacturer in the kiddie amusement rides industry.

Secondly, we also pay great attention to the quality and safety of our rides. Because we think that high quality of the products is the first step of our factory production. Especially the rides for the child. And we use the double-checking system to make sure our electric pirate ship rides is 100% safe for the children when they ride on and enjoy themselves.

Finally, if you choose our kiddie electric pirate ship rides, there is no need for you to worry about the safety of your customers.

kids viking ship ride

Why our electric pirate ship ride is popular with almost all of the foreign tourists?

As the leading amusement park rides factory in China, our electric pirate boat rides are popular with the foreign clients. For example, we have clients from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Russia, and etc.

The reason why we have this achievement, mainly due to the reliable quality, service quality, pre-sales consultation, product customization, logistics service and also after-sales service of our amusement rides. And the style of our electric pirate rides are very modern and trendy. So by using our products, they can attract many tourists and get stable income. And during the series of service, our complete service system provides our clients with irreplaceable shopping experience.

What’s more, there are so many kinds of electric pirate ship rides in the market, for example, the 16 p, 18 p, 24 p, 32 p, 40 p. And which kind of type is suitable for you is important and complex to consider. Then if you have any confusion, please contact us now. And we will recommend you the most suitable one.

What are the advantages of our electric pirate ship ride?

First, the quality and design of our electric pirate ship swing rides are good. For the quality, we use FRP material to make the most amusement rides. So that you can use our pirate ship for many years. And for the design, we have lots of different sizes, styles and shapes of electric pirate ship for you to choose. If you need other styles, we also can provide customized service for you.

Second, the electric driven system make the whole pirate ship convenient and steady. Electric-driven pirate ships are almost unaffected by weather and geographical location. So it is convenient for you to use. And compared with fuel and solar energy, electric-driven pirate ships run more smoothly and also hardly causes harm to the natural environment.

Finally, we provide 12 months lifelong warranty. So if you choose our product, there is no need for you to worry about the installation and fix.

pirate ship ride in Dinis

How About the Installation of the electric pirate ship ride ?

First, the parameter of the electric pirate boat rides is available, and it is clear enough for you to install.

Besides, we also provide the online guidance service. So you can watch the online video, or you can contact our agents and technical staff at any time. And then we will give you timely guidance to help install the electric pirate ship rides.

Third, our factory is willing to send engineers overseas to help you install the pirate ship rides. So the electric pirate ship fair rides usually can be put into use quickly.

In short, there is no need for you to worry about the installation of the electric boat rides. And if you have other questions about our electric pirate boat ride, please contact us now!