If you are looking for a carousel amusement ride to buy, you must care about that how much you need to prepare according to your budget. Exactly, how much does a carousel cost to buy? There is not a specific price. Because there are many factors that can effect the carousel ride cost. For example, the different capacity, appearance and decorations, materials, transportation way and so on. So we only can provide you an approximate reference price according to different factors. Now, please follow me and see.

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How Much Do Different Capacity of Carousel Amusement Rides Cost?

Generally, the more seats, the more expensive the price. In Dinis, we have 3 seats to 36 seats carousel ride in common and also more seats if you need. The approximate price are as follows. You can use it as a reference. And then you may know the lowest price of merry go round ride for sale if you plan to purchase a certain capacity of carousel ride.

3-6 seats carousel horse ride


12-16 passengers merry go round


24-36 people carousel ride cost


The Price Difference in Appearance of the Carousel Ride for Sale

In our factory, there are lots of carousel ride for sale with various appearance. On the one hand, the carousel horse shape can be different. For example, the common horse shape, different kinds of animals shape like rabbit, tiger and etc, seahorse shape, fish shape, vintage carousel ride and so on. Generally, for the animal and sea theme carousel shape ride, you need costs about 11000-30000 dollars to buy.

And on the other hand, the more decorations, the more costs the price. For example, the colorful and versatile lights, patterns, music box and etc. Commonly, the luxurious carousel ride needs about 10000-40000 dollars. And if you want a customized design of carousel ride, you can contact us and get the detailed price according to the final design.

What’s more, our factory use fiberglass to manufacture the carousel amusement equipment. Because there are so many advantages of fiberglass: it is corrosion resistant, not easy to fade, bright and beautiful in appearance and you can use it for more than 5 years if there is no man-made damage. Therefore, the price of our carousel ride is relatively higher compared to those carousel rides with other materials.

Christmas reindeer carousel ride with fiberglass

Other Factors Influencing the Merry Go Round Cost

Except for the capacity and the appearance of merry go round ride, there are other factors which can effect the cost when you purchase a kind of carousel horse ride.

First, the transportation problems. It includes the way of transportation, fare and insurance. You can choose a suitable transportation way such as sea, air or freight according to the distance and also know the detailed fare in advance. And if you worry about the safety of the products while transporting, you can purchase an insurance especially shipping.

In addition, you should care about the maintenance fee after beginning your operation. If you buy the carousel ride from Dinis, of course, we can provide you one year warranty, online guidance and so on. More importantly, sometimes, we will give away some wearable parts to you.

carousel equipment in Dinis

In a word, if you want to buy amusement equipment whatever carousel ride or other products, you must consider the factors above including the seats, appearance, transportation and etc. Then you can choose the product which fits your budget and also your own requirements at last. In Dinis, there must be discount for you if you are interested in our carousel ride for sale. And if you have any questions about the carousel cost, welcome to contact us now!