Pirate ship amusement ride is a type of fun and exciting amusement ride based on the pirate or Viking ships. And its driving system drives the swing of pirate ship ride under the safety measures. Besides, there are mini pirate ships and large one available. Dinis have more than 20 years of experience in amusement park rides. And if you choose our factory, you will get the pirate ship amusement rides with the modern style, reliable quality, and comprehensive after-sales service.

Next, some details of the pirate ship amusement ride that can help you know more information about the pirate boat amusement rides are as follows. Now, let’s see.

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Mini pirate ship ride VS Large pirate ship ride

There are different sizes with the seats for you to choose. For example, the 8, 12, 24, 32 Seats pirate ship rides and so on.

And we all know that the pirate ship amusement ride is one of the long-standing attractions in the amusement park. So if you want to buy the most suitable amusement park pirate ship ride, a professional manufacturer is necessary. Besides, as the amusement park rides directly designer and manufacturer, we have strong independent research, design team and export experience. So we can provide you with the professional recommendation.

Then how to choose mini pirate ship or large pirate boat? It depends on your real needs. And we will recommend you the proper size according to your area, your human traffic and your requirements. For example, if you have limited space, mini pirate ship is suitable for you. While, if your place is large, you can choose large pirate boat ride. In short, we are aiming to provide you the right pirate rides, which can bring you more profits.

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Why our pirate ship amusement ride can bring you the biggest gain?

First, our pirate ship amusement rides are popular with many foreign customers based on the modern style, reliable quality, and comprehensive after-sales service. And about the style of our pirate ship rides, we update with the development of the amusement rides market.

Second, we have a professional design team, researching and designing a series of new and classic products for you. And all of them are popular with the tourists from all over the world.

So choosing our pirate ship ride, your venue will attract a lot of customers. What’s more, the equipment will work for a long time which can help you achieve minimum investment and long-term returns.

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How much would a pirate ship ride cost?

The price of amusement ride pirate ship for sale on the internet ranges from $50,000 to $90,000. However, this is not an unchanging price. Because there are so many different types of pirate ship rides. And without specific details such as size, capacity and design, the price is inaccurate. So you can tell us the specific situation of your place to get a fast and exact price of pirate ship amusement ride.

What is the safety measure of pirate ship amusement ride?

For each amusement ride especially those large amusement rides, safety measure is very important. Because it not only relates to the safety of passengers, but also relates to operators’ reputation, business and revenue. And as one of the common amusement rides in amusement parks, pirate ship rides (viking ship rides) are more exciting compared with other large amusement park rides. Now let’s see the following safety measures:

Safety pressure bar

The safety pressure bar is one of the most important safety measures for the pirate boat amusement rides. During the operation, the passengers will be pressed on the seat. And the technology adopts a multiple ratchet structure so as to adapt to the different body shapes of the passengers. Therefore, it can ensure that all the passengers fixed on the seat during rides running.

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Seat belt

Each seat of the pirate ship amusement rides adopts a two-point safety design as an auxiliary safety measure. So the passengers are fixed on the seat and cannot move left and right during the operation.

Pressure bar sensor linkage safety system

This system is to ensure that the safety pressure bar must be in place. And before the pirate ship rides start, if the safety pressure bar of a row of passengers is not pressed in place, the entire pirate ship amusement rides can not run. Thus it can ensure absolute safety for all of the passengers.

However, to simply rely on these hardware alone is not enough. And it is also necessary for the operators to carefully check them before and after operation.

Height requirements

Height requirements for this type of ride vary from park to park. For example, Hersheypark, which has a Huss Pirate Boat, has a height requirement of 42 inch (107 cm) or more to ride. While at LaRonde, which also has a Huss Pirate Boat, riders must be 52 inch (132 cm) or taller. Generally, Huss recommends that the lowest height requirement should be is 39 inch (99 cm). But different parks can make it higher if they choose to.

Actually, with moderate accelerations and motions, it is a genuine family ride. Children from 1.1 m tall accompanied by an adult is able to enjoy the experience. And kids who are over 1.2 m are able to ride alone. Therefore, the pirate ship is a ride for all the family with stylish options. And also it is the ideal choice for riders of all ages.

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How does the pirate ship ride for sale work?

The pirate ship is designed to move in such a way that hull swings around the horizontal axis.

And the swing of the pirate ship ride is facilitated by the driving system. When the maximum swing angle is reached, the electric control device stops the friction wheel from driving. And then the brake device can be operated at this time (hull brake). Under the influence of acceleration, it gives the riding passengers a feeling of weightlessness and overweight. So this makes it a very popular amusement park rides to all of the tourists.

The materials of the pirate ship amusement ride you should choose

The material of pirate ship is important for equipment’s quality.

First, the bolt hole is the standard parts for the frame of pirate ship ride. Because the unqualified bolt hole will increase the probability of pirate ship ride accident. And then that will bring some trouble to your park and the potential long-term customers.

Second, the high grade steel is the main material of pirate ship ride structure for the cold weather region. And if your pirate ship ride is made of ordinary iron or the traditional wood, it might not perform well.

All in all, it is important for you to choose a reliable factory with full certificates, giving you the outdoor playhouse pirate ship with highest quality.

Finally, if you have other questions of pirate ship amusement ride, please contact us now!