Trackless Sightseeing Train, also called tram, road train, land train, parking lot tram, Dotto train, or Choo-Choo train, is a type of mechanical amusement ride. And it is also a popular attraction in amusement parks that has gained significant attention from visitors in recent years. What’s more, trackless sightseeing train rides for sale are ready to provide a comfortable and enjoyable way for guests to visit the attractions and scenery.

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As a professional trackless train manufacturer, we have to point that the trackless sightseeing train rides offer a number of advantages for amusement park, shopping mall, fairground, indoor and outdoor playground and other places. For example, they are versatile, safe, environmentally friendly. And more importantly, they can help you increase revenue.

Besides, there are two main types of drive mode for you to choose: diesel-driven and battery-driven. So what are the differences between them? Now, let’s see.

Diesel trackless sightseeing train rides for sale VS. Battery trackless sightseeing train rides for sale

The Diesel Trackless Tourist Train is a new type of sightseeing train amusement equipment launched by our company. Because it uses diesel engine, imported components and also multiple advanced technologies. And due to the use of a diesel engine as the power source, the power is very strong. Except for its power, the climbing ability is also excellent with a maximum slope of up to 35 degrees. What’s more, under normal circumstances, it is a one-to-two train. And it also can be increased to three or four carriages according to your requirements.

What’s more, it is suitable for various large venues, such as scenic spots, farms, parks for sightseeing, touring, and commuting. Now, let’s see the parameter of different sizes diesel trackless sightseeing train.

Large size diesel trackless train

Capacity 40passengers
Locomotive Size 4*1.6*2.2 m
Cabin Size 4*1.8*2.5 m
Power 75 KW
Turning Radius 8 m
Highest Speed 25 km/h
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)

24 passengers diesel trackless train

Capacity 24 passengers
Locomotive Size 3.3*1.3*2.2 m
Cabin Size 2.95*1.34*2.2 m
Power 15 KW
Turning Radius 6 m
Highest Speed 25 km/h
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)

The electric sightseeing trailer is a series of sightseeing train equipment developed and produced by our company. And it uses imported components, lots of battery packs as the power source and employs multiple advanced production technologies.

In Dinis, electric trackless train features an electric control cabinet that allows for a seamless start and the playing of charming melodies. Therefore, it makes passengers feel as though they’re riding a real train. Besides, the adjustable speed settings ensure a safe ride for all passengers. And in order to add the fun, the train also has LED lights on the front that bring passengers unique riding experience especially during the night.

What’s more, battery sightseeing train has many advantages. For example, the trackless design allows the sightseeing train to be unrestricted by venues. So this makes it more convenient for relocation. And also it is the preferred sightseeing train equipment for parks, amusement parks, scenic areas, and other venues.

Now, let’s see the parameter different sizes electric trackless train in Dinis.

Large battery trackless train

Capacity 40 passengers
Locomotive Size 4*1.6*2.2 m
Cabin Size 4*1.8*2.5 m
Power 12 KW
Battery 12 pcs 6 v 200 A
Turning Radius 8 m
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)

24 passengers battery trackless train

Capacity  24passengers
Locomotive Size 3.3*1.3*2.2 m
Cabin Size 2.95*1.34*2.2 m
Power 15 KW
Battery 12 pcs 6 V 200 A
Turning Radius 6 m
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)

New-type antique trackless train

The new-type antique trackless train is a perfect blend of classic and modern design. So it is a must-have for any entertainment venue, school, kindergarten, garden, village, park, shopping mall, etc. Besides, with its unique antique appearance and advanced technology, it guarantees a delightful experience for your passengers of all ages.

Additionally, our New-type antique trackless train comes equipped with an electric control system, ensuring a smooth ride while playing delightful music. So it perfectly captures the spirit of a classic train ride. And the adjustable speed settings provide a safe and comfortable riding experience, while the LED lights on the front and sides create a vibrant atmosphere. Therefore, it is really a perfect amusement ride for both day and night.

What’s more, the train is ready to hold up to 16-20 passengers, making it an ideal option for events and attractions with high visitor traffic. And due to its innovative and eco-friendly technology, this train is not only a crowd-pleasure but also a sustainable option that promotes environmental protection.

Therefore, don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience! Please consider our New-type antique trackless train today. And then you will give your guests an unforgettable journey through time.

The parameter of our New-type antique trackless train

Capacity  16-20passengers
Locomotive Size 3*1.05*1.86 m
Cabin Size 1.62*0.98*1.97 m
Coal Bucket Size 1.5*1.05*1.09 m
Power 4 KW
Battery 5 pcs 12 V150 A
Turning Radius 6 m
Volume 40 GP(6 m)

What are the Benefits of Trackless Sightseeing Train Rides for Your Venue?

If you are a park owner or other venue owner looking for a fun and unique way to attract visitors, please consider investing in trackless sightseeing train rides. Because these train rides are becoming increasingly popular! Do you know why? So next, let’s explore some of the advantages of trackless sightseeing train rides and why they might be the perfect addition to you.

Wide usage and Convenient

First, one of the biggest advantages of trackless sightseeing train rides is the versatility and flexibility. Unlike traditional train rides, trackless trains can go anywhere and can even navigate tight spaces, narrow paths, and uneven terrain. Therefore, you can offer a train riding experience to your visitors. From the forested areas to the playgrounds, gardens, and more, trackless train can bring them on a tour of every corner of your venue.

Improve the Safety of train rides

Second , trackless sightseeing trains are also safer than traditional train rides. Because they don’t run on tracks, and there’s no risk of derailment or collision. In addition, these trains have safety features like seat belts and speed governors that limit the speed of the train. So you can offer a fun and safe ride for visitors of all ages. Of course, we have CE certification. And our products meet the European standard and can be used at anywhere.

Environmental Friendliness

Third, another advantage of trackless sightseeing train rides is their environmental friendliness. Because these trains uses the electricity, which means they produce zero emissions and are much quieter than traditional trains. Therefore, it makes them a great choice for parks which have the idea of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Increased Revenue

Finally, trackless sightseeing train rides can help you increase revenue. Not only do they offer a unique and memorable experience for visitors, but they also allow you to charge an additional fee for the ride. This means that you can generate extra income for your park, which is suitable for new attractions and park improvements.

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In short, if you have any further questions or need any details related to our Trackless Sightseeing train rides for sale, please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry !