Small pirate boat ride is the mini size and the smaller version of pirate ship rides. Besides, it is a kind of hot selling kiddie product. And different from the large pirate ship rides, mini pirate ship for sale in our factory mainly contains 8 and 12 seats. What’s more, these two capacity of mini pirate ship rides have many different models and different decorations. So by the way, it is more suitable and safety for kids to play.

Due to its popularity with children, so many amusement rides manufacturers design a lot of novel appearance to attract children’s attention. And about the requirements of the pirate boat amusement rides, venue to venue varies. That is the reason why there are large pirate ship rides and mini pirate ship rides. Now let’s learn more about small pirate boat ride.

small pirate boat ride
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Why small pirate ship ride is more suitable for kiddie?

  • First of all, because its small size and proper height is suitable for children including boys and girls. So it is also called kiddie amusement rides.

  • Second, the novel outward appearance with different lively styles are also attractive for the kids. According to a lot of researches, the children are interested in some specific virtual characters and popular cartoon characters. So we will design small pirate ship rides that meet children’s hobbies.
  • Finally, as we all know, most girls love pink and red, and the boys like blue and black. So we design the Dinosaur series and Barbie series for the lovely boys and girls respectively. In addition, we also can provide the private custom service. That means we can design and produce the style you want according to your requirements for the rides.

small pirate ship ride for sale

Is small pirate boat ride cheaper?

The pirate ship boat rides with smaller size is not the cheapest. And it maybe not cheaper than the big one in some way. Do you know why? For example, the small pirate ship rides have a variety of themed products. And they have fashionable and popular themes, bright colors, exquisite shapes, smooth lines, and more systematic classifications. So with these complete and user-friendly system settings, small pirate ship rides can give tourists more comfortable and warm ride experience. And at the same time, the price is different according to the different themes.

And also, different models, materials, and different styles of small pirate ship are various at the cost. So if you need an accurate quotation, please contact us now! Or you just need tell us your budget, and then we can recommend you a suitable small size pirate boat. We can make sure that the pirate ship rides from Dinis have reliable quality and also thoughtful service such as customized service.

Can you have a mini pirate ride for sale for your own use?

Of course, mini pirate ships are suitable for the own use.

  • Firstly, it has the moderate area size, and the width, length, height are suitable for the indoor area. For example, your garden, backyard, farm and so on.

  • Secondly, If you want a unique pirate ride or DIY a gift for your kids, small pirate ship rides are good choice. Because small pirate boats are easier for you to get the private custom service. No matter the style, the theme, even the material is available according to your personal interests.
  • Finally, in Dinis, we have more than 20 years customization experience. And we helped customers design and produce countless unique pirate ship rides, and also won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

small pirate ship ride

Is small pirate ship ride scary?

Exactly, the small pirate boat ride is not scary as the large one. But it also consists of an open, seated gondola (usually in the style of a pirate ship) which swings back and forth around the horizontal or x-axis. So during the process, the rider will feel various levels of angular momentum.

In addition, because most of the passengers of the small pirate ships are children, and they are not very capable of accepting height and speed. Therefore, in the process of product production and design, we always design the height and speed suitable for children.

What’s more, the perfect safety mechanism, such as seat belt, emergency stop button is also ready for kids. After they get on the platform and sit in the seat, operators will help them press the safety bar to the proper position. And then after the “pirate ship” starts, it will swing from slow to rapid – as if the tourists came to the sea. And they encounter strong winds and waves. Sometimes the “pirate ship ” rushes to the waves, and sometimes falls into the valley of the waves. That is exciting. So it is very popular among the kiddie. By this way, it can not only ensure that children can enjoy the excitement and fun by the amusement pirate ship ride, but also ensure their safety and reassure their parents.

Some requirements for the small pirate ship for sale

During the installation and operation of a small pirate ship, its occupant requirements, voltage and power requirements are strict. And the seat belts, emergency brake buttons are the must-have choice. So you must check the machines regularly to prevent accidents and hazards during operation. What’s more, the kids can enjoy their rides with the parents company.

If you still have some questions about the small pirate ship rides, please send us an inquiry. We will give you the most professional answers. And if you are interested in our mini pirate ship rides, please contact us for more information and the formal quotation. We will reply you as soon as possible.