We always see roller coaster rides in amusement park, scenic spot, temple fair, park, shopping mall and so on. However, have you ever seen backyard roller coaster in someone’s house? Backyard roller coaster is more suitable for home use and it has a lot of advantages such as privacy. What’s more, backyard roller coaster has different sizes for adults and kids to experience. In Dinis, we have more than 20 years experience of manufacturing amusement equipment including backyard roller coaster rides. Next, let’s learn more information about backyard roller coaster rides for sale.

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Mini Backyard Roller Coaster for Sale Kids

Most of our clients choose mini backyard roller coaster for sale for their kids to play. And our clients are mainly divided into two groups.

The first group concludes those people who buy roller coasters for their own family use. In their free time, they can bring their children to play the roller coaster for many times. So backyard roller coaster can bring pleasure to them and make them enjoy a lot.

Another group concludes those clients who operate the farm, hotel and etc. They put a mini roller coaster in their backyard for kids to ride. And the mini roller coaster also can help them attract more customers.

What’s more, in Dinis, we can provide various style of mini backyard roller coaster for sale kids. For example, wacky worm roller coaster, mini shuttle, space shuttle and etc. You can choose a popular style to attract your kids and we also provide customized service if you need.

Backyard Worm Roller Coaster                                             Mini Shuttle in Dinis

Capacity 18 passengers
Area Size 24*12 m
Track Height 2.5 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 5 kw
Volume 40 HQ (12 m)
Capacity 20 passengers
Area Size 16*10 m
Track Height 2 m
Track Length 72 m
Voltage 380 v
Power 8 kw

Big Backyard Roller Coaster for Adults

Except for mini roller coaster for kids, there are also big backyard roller coaster for adults. For adults, their preference towards roller coaster is no less than kids.

Some adults pursue the thrilling feeling roller coaster bring them. And some clients buy our roller coaster for their backyard in order to relax themselves mentally and also physically. For example, when they have a party in the backyard, they can invite some friends to experience the backyard roller coaster ride and have fun. Or they use roller coaster to help them release pressure from whatever working or daily life.

Therefore, whatever for adults or for kids, you can consider to add a roller coaster ride for your backyard. And we believe that it can increase much happiness for you and your family members.

Tips for Riding Backyard Roller Coaster at Home

Backyard roller coaster can bring you a lot of fun, however, you must follow the tips as follows to ensure the safety:

  • First, to fasten the safety belt during the riding process. It is the first protection for passengers. Nearly each amusement ride has safety belt. In addition, you should check if the safety belt is loose or not before the riding. And change it if their is problem.

  • Second, to fix the shoulder pressing facility or the handrail. It is the second protection for passengers. And in general, the shoulder pressing facility can protect passengers a lot because it has a electric control system. What’s more, for mini backyard roller coaster with handrail, you must remind your kids to grasp it tightly to make sure their safety.

  • Third, to learn about the ride limitation in advance such as some heart diseases that are not fit to ride the roller coaster, or just ate. Because these condition will bring your passengers bad ride experience and even safety risk. So you should tell your passengers these requirements and tips, and follow them strictly.

Backyard Roller Coaster Price

The price of the backyard roller coaster is different according to its size, appearance, decoration ans so on.

For mini or small size roller coaster for kids, you need cost about 9000-25000 dollars. And for the big backyard roller coaster for adults, the price is nearly 40000-80000 dollars. What’s more, more luxurious, more expensive the price. If you want a customized style backyard roller coaster, the price depends on the details of the roller coaster you want.

So if you want to know the detailed price of each kind of backyard roller coaster, you can contact us and tell us your requirements about the backyard roller coaster you prefer. Then we will tell you the price and also more information you want to know.

What Are the Advantages of Backyard Roller Coaster?

Backyard roller coaster ride is so popular with most of our clients because it has a lot of advantages for them.

  • First of all, the feature of privacy for own use. Different from the roller coaster ride in the amusement park, scenic spot and other public places, backyard roller coaster can create a privacy space for people to experience for many times and enjoy a lot.

  • Secondly, if you purchase a roller coaster ride for your backyard at home, there will be more of your friends coming to your house. Then you can hold party, amusement activities in your backyard. And as a kind of exciting amusement equipment, backyard roller coaster can add much fun.

  • Finally, it is convenient for you to maintain and move especially for mini backyard roller coaster for kids. For example, if there is bad weather or you want to save it for a long time, it is easy for you to move to indoor space or other places. And if you plan to use it again, the installation is not difficult for you.

In short, if you get a backyard roller coaster at home or in your farm, hotel backyard and etc, you will get a lot from it.

Where Can You Buy Backyard Roller Coasters?

If you don’t know where to buy backyard roller coaster, let me tell you.

On the one hand, you can find the local amusement ride manufacturer to buy. However, you should choose the products with reliable quality and thoughtful service. You can visit their factory in person and then you will guess the general situation of their amusement equipment. And the biggest advantage of this purchase way is that you are close to them and you don’t need consider the long distance transportation.

On the other hand, you also can purchase the backyard roller coaster online. Generally, the main information of their products and their factory will be showed on their website. So you should read these information carefully, or some photos such as certification. If need, you can communicate with them and know more about them. What’s more, if you still worry about the quality or other factors, you also can visit their factory in person.

Dinis is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. We produce each product with reliable quality such as fiberglass, and also provide thoughtful service such as customized service, after-sales service, one-year free warranty and etc. More importantly, we have discount price for you if you buy our products for the first time.

In a word, backyard roller coaster is popular and suitable for some privacy venue. And you will get different experience and a lot of fun from it. So if you need backyard roller coaster, you can consider our factory. And we also can provide you more detailed information about whatever our factory, our products or others you want to know. Welcome to contact us now!