What Kind of Tyre Used for the Amusement Train Ride for Sale?

In Dinis, we use Vacuum Tyre for our amusement train ride. That is because there are several advantages of Vacuum Tyre.

  • First, if you purchase a kind of patrol tourist train ride, this Tyre can save the petrol consumption. It doesn’t have inner tubes, straps and also reduce some spare parts. So the whole structure of the train ride is simple and light. When the train ride is running, the petrol consumption will be lower due to the light train weight.

  • Second, it has good heat dissipation performance and long life time. For other common Tyre, the friction between the inner tube of the Tyre and the inner cavity of the Tyre generates heat. But Vacuum Tyre cannot happen. So it can help the tourist train ride dissipate heat. And also you don’t need worry about the train ride life time.

  • Third, it is safe even if there is are leakage of the Tyre. Because this Tyre will leak air slowly, rather than leak air fully and quickly in short time. Therefore, even if the Tyre leak air, you can also control the train ride and have time to stop the train safely.

Vacuum Tyre of our train ride for sale
Detailed vision of amusement train ride Tyre

How to Package and Transport the Amusement Train Ride?

We will split the amusement train ride into several parts and then package them separately, rather than package it overall. The reasons are as follows:

  • On the one hand, this packing way can ensure each of the train parts safe during the transportation. We make sure the quality of our products whatever during the production process or transportation process. So you don’t need worry about it.

  • On the other hand, it can save the space and cost when loading amusement train rides into cabinets. For the overall package, it needs large size and high cabinet. However, if we choose package separately, a small cabinet is enough. Therefore, it can help you save much cost.

connecting pole between two train ride carriages

What’s more, it is easy for you to install. There is a connecting pole between each two carriages. And also we will teach you how to operate.

Which Aspects Can be Customized of Your Train Ride Sightseeing?

If you want customized service of tourist train ride, we can meet your requirements. There are several parts we can provide customized service with you as follows:

First, the color and the shape of amusement train ride. If you want certain color and shape of train ride, you can tell us. And then we will make a design diagram for you first and believe that you will get the sightseeing train ride you are satisfied at last. For example, the customized sightseeing train ride on the right. It belongs to one of our USA client. He wants a kind of train ride with black and red. So we manufacturer this amusement train ride for him. Do you like this style?

customized amusement train ride for our USA client
large size tourist train ride for sale

Second, the carriage size, style and the amount of the carriages. These depend on your venue size, passenger flow and so on. You can tell us the detailed situation of your needs, then we can recommend you a suitable train ride sightseeing. The picture on the right shows a large size vintage train ride for sale. And there are two carriages which can load large amounts of passengers at one time. And if you want to change the size, style and the amount of carriage, it’s OK.

Third, the music and the lights on the amusement train ride for sale. You can insert SD card to change the music you like. In addition, the color and the amount of lights can be customized according to your requirements. You can see the lights of our train ride on the right photo. So beautiful and attractive at night. And if you want add more lights, we can meet your requirements.

crown train ride sightseeing with colorful lights

In short, we are dedicated to meet your requirements and hope that our amusement train rides can bring you a lot of benefits. If you have any questions about our amusement train ride for sale, welcome to contact us now!