what is the pendulum ride ? —An thrilling and adventurous amusement equipment

The Pendulum Ride for Sale, also known as the Big Swing or Meteor Hammer, is a popular new type of amusement ride internationally. As a hot-selling thrilling ride, the pendulum ride for sale is popular with almost all of the amusement parks, theme parks and so on. Now let us know more details of the pendulum ride.

The pendulum has a pendulum-like arm with seats on the end. And the arm usually connects to a central pivot point and is swung back and forth like a pendulum. When the arm swings, the seats also rotate around the pivot point, providing a thrilling experience for riders.

Besides, the pendulum ride typically has a circular base and a tall central support structure that holds the pendulum arm. And it uses an electric motor that drives the pendulum arm and also controls the speed and motion of the ride.

Some pendulum rides may also feature special effects, such as lighting, sound, or water sprays, to enhance the rider’s experience. Therefore, the pendulum rides are popular at many amusement parks and fairs around the world and popular with thrill-seekers.

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The different sizes of the pendulum ride for sale

In Dinis, we offer different sizes of the Pendulum ride: large size, medium size and small size pendulum ride. Now let’s see them one by one.

The Large Pendulum is the biggest Pendulum ride we offer. The parameters are as follows. Besides, it is perfect for large-scale amusement parks and venues that can accommodate its size.

Large size Pendulum Ride

Capacity 24 passengers
Area Size 13*10 m
Height 9.5 m
Voltage 380 V
Power 19/36 KW
Volume 40 HQ(12 m)


large big swing ride

The Medium Pendulum is a smaller version compared to the Large Pendulum. The parameters are as follows. And it is suitable for those who want to provide a thrilling experience for their guests without taking up too much space.

Medium size pendulum ride

Capacity 12 passengers
Area Size 7*7 m
Height 6 m
Voltage 380 V
Power 16 KW
medium size pendulum ride

For those who want a smaller version of the Pendulum ride, our company offers the Mini Pendulum. The followings are the parameters. And it suits for some operators who have limited space but still want to provide a fun and exciting ride for their guests.

small size pendulum ride

Capacity 6 passengers
Area Size 6*5 m
Height 4.5 m
Voltage 380 V
Power 10 KW
Colume 17 CBM
mini pendulum ride for sale

All in all, the Large Pendulum, Medium Pendulum, and Mini Pendulum provide a thrilling experience for guests of all ages. And their different sizes allow them to fit into different venues. Whatever it is a large-scale amusement park or a small carnival, our company has a pendulum ride that will fit your needs. Of course, we also provide the customized service which can design and produce different themes and sizes you want.

Safety Guidelines: Height and Health Restrictions for the Pendulum Rides

As the thrilling rides, pendulum rides becomes one of the main attractions whatever in amusement park, scenic spot and other places. Therefore, it is important to note that these rides can pose risks to visitors especially those who do not meet certain height and health restrictions. And especially for the more thrilling 360 degree big pendulum ride which is showed for you in the video as follows, you must pay more attention to the safety of your passengers. Next, we will discuss the height and health restrictions that visitors must follow to ensure their safety when riding an amusement ride.

pendulum ride for sale

Height Restrictions of pendulum ride for sale

Amusement parks usually set height restrictions for their rides to ensure that visitors can safely ride the attraction. However, the height requirement is usually based on the safety requirements of the different rides. Visitors who do not meet the height requirement are not allowed to ride the attraction.

For example, an amusement park may set a height requirement of 1.4 meters to 1.95 meters for a particular ride. Visitors who are below 1.4 meters or above 1.95 meters are not suitable for this attraction. This is because being too short or too tall may increase the risk of injury or make it difficult to fit properly into the safety devices.

Health Restrictions of pendulum for sale

In addition to height restrictions, visitors must also meet certain health requirements. Certain unhealthy conditions can increase the risk of injury when riding an attraction. So visitors who have any of the following conditions are not suitable for an amusement ride: Hypertension, Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, Neck and back diseases, Recent surgery, Prone to headaches or dizziness, Taking medications or alcohol, Pregnant women. Visitors who are suffering from these conditions are not suitable to ride the attraction. Because it can put their health and safety at risk. And it is important to note that amusement parks have the right to deny access to visitors if they do not meet the health requirements for the ride.

What’s more, the Super Swing usually uses shoulder restraints as the primary safety restraint. And it also has seat belts as a secondary safety measure. All in all, we must ensure the safety of tourists and provide tourists with a comfortable and unforgettable experience. So they must meet the height and health restrictions for the Pendulum Rides first.

In short, the above are the different sizes of pendulum ride and the height and health restrictions. And if you have other questions about pendulum ride for sale, please contact us now! We will reply you as soon as possible.