Mini Mechanical Bull for Sale: Fun and Safe Entertainment for All Ages

The mini bull machine for sale is a fun and safe entertainment option for all ages. First, as a mechanical bull riding, it is very interesting and changing for most of the people, including adults and children. Besides, with customization, easy operation and built-in safety features, it is a great investment for anyone looking to add something exciting and unique to their event or entertainment business. Therefore, nowadays, riding a mini mechanical bull ride is always a hot subject in most of the countries. So it is very necessary for you to have the mini mechanical bull for sale!

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Can you have the color you want ? — Yes, we provide you the customized service more than the color

One of the great things about mini mechanical inflatable bull is their customizability. Because first, you can choose the color and model of your mini mechanical bull from our factory to match your brand or event theme. What’s more, we can design and produce the logo according to the drawing you provide. Therefore, it is convenient for you to put the mini mechanical bull in different places where the culture is different. And by this way, the mini mechanical rides can attract more and more people to try.

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Can you move the mechanical bull  ? — Portable bull riding machine for you

The mini mechanical bull top sale ride is a mobile mechanical bull. As we all know, one of the benefits of mini portable mechanical bull is their portability so that you can move it easily from one event to another. It also makes them a great investment for businesses to attend multiple events. Therefore,  a lot of our clients will choose the portable bull riding machines to expand their business scope and increase the revenue.

What’s more, many people will rent the mini mechanical bulls for events such as birthday parties, corporate events, bar, and festivals. Therefore, mini mechanical bull can be a fun and exciting addition to any party or gathering and provide a unique experience for riders of all ages.

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The following are the parameters of our products for your reference:

  • Name: Mini mechanical bull ride for sale
  • Area Size: 5m
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Power: 2kw
  • Capacity: 1passenger
  • Volume: 5CBM
  • Materials: fiberglass, steel
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Style: customized
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Is it difficult for you to operate the mini mechanical bull ?— Easy!

Setting up and operating the mini mechanical bull bounce house is easy, too. Firstly, the control box of mechanical bull amusement ride allows you to operate the bull. And secondly, the installation is also a simple matter of connecting the wires to power. What’s more, we will provide a video to help with the setup and operation of the bull. Therefore, you can install it easily too.

Safety regulations about the mini mechanical bull for sale

Our factory always think that safety is of utmost importance when it comes to inflatable bull riding machine. And also, the mini versions are no exception.

First, the mini bull is ready to stop automatically when the rider falls off. And there is an 5 meters long inflatable mat surrounding the bull to provide extra safety for riders. Therefore, it is a safe game for whatever children or adults.

Second, you can adjust the speed of the bull to provide a more challenging or easier ride depending on the rider’s skill level. In addition, operators are also ready to stay close to the control box in case of any problems. And they will turn the emergency button on the control box to stop the bull if necessary.

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Third, the rider can hold on to a handle or rope attached to the bull and try to stay on for as long as possible, while the bull moves faster and more erratically. And the horns of our mini mechanical bull for sale use soft rubber. Therefore, it will not hurt riders. Besides, people usually will fall down around bull body, so that they can not full down bull head.

Finally, to enhance the thrill and challenge of the mini mechanical bull fairground ride, the body is intentionally proper to have a smooth surface which is made of FRP. Therefore, this product provides an exciting and stimulating experience for riders. And the smoothness of the surface is integral to the enjoyment of the game, as it adds to the challenge and excitement. In shot, we aim to design and produce the best mechanical bull for our clients from all over the world.

The maintenance of the mini mechanical bull

First of all, the mini inflatable bull riding machine all uses the durable FRP material. And then with proper maintenance, it can provide years of entertainment.

What’s more, the mini bounce house mechanical bull for sale can work for long time. And lots of feedback from our customers can prove that. Because some of them bought this bull almost two years ago. Until now it has not have any problems. And then about the after sale service, we provide you with 6 months electrical maintenance and 1 year mechanical maintenance for free.

Finally, we provide you with the technology support for life-long, too. Because as an experienced amusement company, we know that generally only the inductive switch may occur problem. Therefore, if it has problem, we can deliver a new one to you.

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Coin system for mini bullfighting machine

And then maybe you want to know the coin system. Exactly, many types of payment machine can be installed on this inflatable bull for sale. And then in our factory, we suggest the Coin-operated versions is for ease of payment, but we can produce other payment methods you want.

Therefore,  if you are looking for a unique and exciting addition to your event or entertainment business, you can consider about investing in a mini mechanical bull. Although these small-scale bulls offer all the excitement and challenge of their larger counterparts, it is in a more compact and manageable size. Besides, with safety features built in, they are safe for riders of all ages and skill levels.