On April 5th, 2024, a client from Malaysia send us an inquiry about the mini carousel for sale in Dinis. He has business in a local shopping mall. However, there are little passenger flow these days. Therefore, he wanted to add a kind of kids merry go round to help increase more passenger flow for the shopping mall. Then we recommend him a type of palace style 6 horse mini carousel horse. Next, let’s see the details about the mini carousel ride for sale to Malaysia.

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How Do We Design This Mini Carousel Horse to Make It So Attractive in Appearance?

He expressed strong interests to this palace style carousel, and also asked how we design it at the beginning. To be honest, the design is inspired by the prince charming, which is a fairy tale image popular with most kids. So we want to design each carousel horse into pure and beautiful appearance.

What’s more, on the top of the carousel ride, we design a crown shape to make it more attractive and pretty. And the whole theme color is pink that is full of romantic. It can attract kids’ attention quickly whatever in shopping mall, playgrounds, plaza, or other places. In short, this small carousel horse is designed especially for kids to play.

How Can This Mini Merry Go Round Ride Bring You Profits?

This client worried about whether he can make profit from this mini merry go round. Because it was the first time for him to buy amusement equipment. We told him the top 3 advantages of this palace style carousel horse:

  • First, it has attractive and beautiful appearance that can attract most people’s attention in the shopping mall. If you put it at the hall, it can bring your shopping mall more and more passenger flow and attention.

  • Second, the customer groups of this mini carousel ride are kids and family groups. Most parents will carry their children to play it when they don’t know what to do in the mall. Besides, it also can increase their parent-child relationship.

  • Third, we use FRP and high-quality steel to build our merry go round rides for sale. Fiberglass can make it corrosion and wear resistant, and high-quality steel can make sure the stability and safety of the equipment. For adults, they can bring their kids to play with confidence. And for you, it is help you save much maintenance cost.

Our Malaysia Client Bought This Mini Carousel Ride with $3560 Finally

At last, the total quote was $3900. However, we gave him 8% discount because it was his first time to buy our equipment. He felt so excited and said if needed, he will choose us next time. Of course, if you purchase more, the discount will be more. So if you need, welcome to choose Dinis company.

mini carousel ride for sale

All in all, this client gave us positive feedback of the mini carousel ride for sale to Malaysia after about two months. We are very happy to hear this good news. Hope he can make more profits from it. About our merry go round carousel rides, if you have any questions, please contact us now!