On April 2nd, 2024, we received a inquiry from an America client. He wanted to buy a roller coaster ride for his amusement park. So we recommend him some roller coasters for sale in Dinis with different styles and sizes. Finally, he chose the crazy mouse themed amusement park roller coaster ride. Next, let’s see the details.

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What Is the Size of the Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride for Sale to America?

If you plan to buy a roller coaster amusement park rides, the first thing is to choose a suitable size for your park. The parameters of the amusement park roller coaster ride for sale in Dinis are as follows:

Capacity 8 People(4 carriages) 10 People(5 carriages)
Voltage 220/380 v 220/380 v
Power 4 kw 11 kw
Track Height 5.8 m 9.9 m
Track Length 210 m 280 m
Area Size 28*19m 38*24m
Running Speed 8.7 m/s 12.2 m/s
Lift Speed 0.8 m/s 1.2 m/s
Service Life 12 years 12 years
Materials FRP+Q235B Steel FRP+Q235B Steel

Which Groups of Customers Are Popular with This Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster Ride?

Different from those roller coaster rides that load large numbers of passengers at one time, crazy mouse roller coaster just admit 2 people for each time. And add to its thrilling ride experience and vivid shape, it is popular with adults, couples, and family groups most.

First, for those adults who pursue thrilling feelings in any amusement park, they will not miss this opportunity to get exciting experience. When the roller coaster goes to the highest location and ready to dive down, they can shout loudly to release the pressure.

Second, it is also popular with couples to experience. One of them sit on the front, and the other one sit on the back. The adrenaline rush makes them closer together. Besides, cute mouse shape attracts more and more people to take photos especially for girls.

Third, family groups are the main customer groups to play this roller coaster amusement park ride. Parents can bring their kids to play together, but please remind them of paying attention to ensure the safety of their kids. Through experiencing the thrilling roller coaster ride together, their relationship will be get closer.

Customized Choices of the Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride for Sale in Dinis

crazy mouse roller coaster in the amusement park

This client from America asked that whether the roller coaster color can be changed. Of course, we can customize the color, shape, logo, decorations, etc for you if needed. And you also can choose the numbers of roller coaster cars according to your average passenger flow. Finally, he ordered 5 carriages of the roller coaster ride with different colors for each carriage.

What Is the Price of the Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride for Sale to America?

The final quote of this amusement park roller coaster ride is $32,560. You know that the price depends on many factors, including the size, customized design, materials, shipping and installation fee, etc. So if you want to buy the amusement park roller coaster ride for sale, you can tell us your detailed needs. And then we can provide you a complete and detailed quote.

In short, this amusement park roller coaster ride for sale to America runs well at present, and attracts more and more customers coming to play. So if you plan to add a roller coaster for your amusement park, welcome to contact us now.