Do you want to buy a customized carousel ride in your venue? Whatever a vintage carousel ride or a modern carousel ride? Or have you seen custom carousel ride in some places before? In Dinis amusement company, we have produced a kind of modern style Longines themed carousel for one of our our clients. And it gets popular and well-known with most people. Next, let’s see the features of this custom carousel ride.

custom Longines carousel ride from Dinis
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Custom Carousel Ride in Theme

First, the color, theme and the logo of Longines carousel are customized. You can see the whole theme colors are white and black. And there are several patterns and words of Longines surrounding the top canopy. The reason we do by this way is that the carousel theme should match with the simple and elegant style of Longines. So when this custom Longines carousel appears to people, it gets much popularity and attracts much attention.

Longines theme carousel ride

Customized  Carousel for Specific Venue

custom carousel ride in an equestrian event

Second, this custom carousel is designed for special brand, so it suits specific venues. In the pictures, this Longines carousel is in an equestrian event as a exhibition amusement ride. And most people are attracted by this custom carousel ride and then come there. Of course, except for as an exhibition, you can also use it in your own place such as shopping mall as a attractive amusement ride for customers. And at the same time, you can publicize your brand and make your profits better.

Portable Feature of Custom Carousel Ride

Third, the biggest advantage of this custom carousel is its portable features. Therefore, you can move it to any places conveniently. For this customized Longines carousel, it can be used in many equestrian events in different cities and countries. So it is not only good for your brand influence, but your revenue.

So what about this custom Longines carousel ride do you think? In our company, our custom carousel ride will bring you a lot whatever in profits or in popularity. Therefore, if you are interested in our custom merry go round ride for sale, please contact us and tell us your requirements. We will provide you the best carousel ride suitable for you.