Carousel ride has been one of the most popular and common amusement rides for many years. With colorful appearance and fun experience, carousel ride attracts lots of people to ride and play whatever kids or young adults. Half years ago, one client from EI Salvador has purchased a kind of carousel ride from Dinis. The followings are some detailed information.

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Can you recommend me some different style of 16 seats carousel ride?

About the capacity and the shape, this client has specific requirements: 16 seats carousel horse shape ride. Then after making sure that his place size is suitable to install 16 seats carousel ride, we recommend him some different style 16 seats carousel horse rides. For example, vintage carousel, modern carousel ride, history style and so on. He prefer the modern style carousel ride so much. Therefore, we make sure the horse outward first quickly. Exactly, each style merry go round ride has its unique features. You can choose one of them according to your main passengers, your venue theme, your preference and etc.

Simple carousel ride or luxurious carousel ride? How to choose?

Most clients don’t know how to choose between simple and luxurious carousel ride. Generally, simple carousel ride is suitable for little kids and limited space like park and backyard. And it costs less. However, luxurious carousel ride is more suitable for wider age customers and usually be regarded as some landmark attraction. But it needs higher budget due to intricate designs and advanced features. What’ more, you can choose according to your own preference. For example, this client from EI Salvador just requires gray and white roof, and simple warm lighting and decoration. So we recommend him simple style carousel ride.

Can you ship the carousel ride to me?

The client wants us transport the carousel ride to him by ship. Of course, you can choose the transport way you want. However, we also can recommend you the most suitable transportation way for according to your budget, transportation time, transportation risk and so on. For this client from EI Salvador, we choose ship the merry go round ride to him due to the long distance and his limited budget. In addition, we also communicate other details about ship transportation such as the shipping insurance, agent, relative documents and other processes.

The feedback of the carousel ride in EI Salvador

Two days ago, we received his feedback about the 16 seats carousel ride. He said he felt so happy after operating his carousel ride. Because there are more and more children coming to his place and play it. And most of their customers love the decorations on the carousel ride so much such as lights and patterns. Especially at night, attractive lights help him attract more passenger flow. Gradually, he got positive benefits quickly from this carousel amusement ride. We also felt excited after receiving his feedback. What’s more, next year, he plans to purchase more small size amusement equipment in our factory, such as mini pirate ship, small size train ride and so on.

carousel ride in EI Salvador

The above are detailed communication between us and his feedback about the 16 seats carousel ride. So if you are also looking for a kind of carousel ride for your place, maybe the above information can help you. Or you can contact us now to know more information about our carousel ride or other products like train ride, roller coaster amusement ride and etc.