Whatever in amusement park, non-powered park, farm, scenic spot or other places, we can see rainbow slide most. It can not only be regarded as a scenery to add a highlight for your venue but also can attract both kids and adults coming to your venue. In Dinis, we have rich experience of manufacturing rainbow slide to many places in domestic and also at abroad. Salvador is one of the foreign countries. Before purchasing the rainbow slide, our client from Salvador asked a lot of questions about the size, style and so on. Now please follow me and see the Rainbow Slide Salvador.

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How to make sure the proper size of rainbow slide suitable for my venue?

This clients has a hillside in his amusement park. And he doesn’t know how to choose the proper size. In Dinis, generally, the length of the rainbow slide is about 36 meter. And he told us his length slope is 40 meter. Of course, we can add the length of rainbow slide for him. Then we recommend him choose48 meter.

What’s more, we have single slide, double slides and also multiple slides for our clients to choose. Because there are more young adults and kids coming to his venue, we advise him to choose single slide or double slides. Single slide can provide customers single player experience. And double slides can provide a chance for family members ,couples or friends to experience the rainbow slide together.

Finally, he chose the single slide and the proper size of rainbow slide for his venue.

Can you provide customized service of the rainbow slide?

Of course, we can. If you have the color you want, we can manufacture it for you. For this client from Salvador, he loves pink and blue most and hopes that the rainbow slide can be mainly these two colors. And then we design some patterns of color for him to choose. He is so satisfied with the whole color design.

In addition, he also wants to add lots of lights surrounding the slide and the fence. We talk a lot about the brand, the color and the amounts of the lights. Additionally, we show him a kind of rainbow slide video with colorful lights, he love it so much and then make sure the customized design of the rainbow slide color.

So if you want a customized rainbow slide, you can tell us your requirements.

rainbow slide with customized color

The feedback of the rainbow slide Salvador

A week ago, he send us some pictures and videos of the rainbow slide in his amusement park. After using the rainbow slide in his venue, there are more and more kids and young adults coming to his place. And due to the colorful lights, especially at night, his place is surrounding lots of people.

More importantly, he also get good profits in short time. We believe that if the product has attractive appearance, unique ride experience and reliable quality, it can bring you a lot including more customers, good reputation, rich revenue and so on.

In short, rainbow slide Salvador get popularity and reputation from local people. And we also feel happy that our client from Salvador can buy our rainbow slide and also get profits from it. So if you are interested in our rainbow slide, welcome to contact us and know more information about rainbow slide you want to know.