Viking ship ride for sale is one of the most popular amusement rides among all thrilling products. Passengers can get extreme feelings of overweight and weightlessness as the pirate ship amusement ride goes upside down. Therefore, we often see swing boat ride in amusement park, carnival activities, theme park, scenic spot and etc. On December, 14th, 2023, a customer named Martin from Colombia purchased a viking ship ride for his amusement park. Now, let’s see the details about our communication.

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Which Capacity of Viking Ship Ride for Sale You Want to Purchase?

In Dinis, we have different sizes of viking ship amusement ride including 8 seats, 12 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats, 40 seats boat swing ride and more. At the beginning, Martin was not clear that how to choose. Then after knowing his venue size, common human flow and amusement park business situation, we recommend him 32 seats pirate ship ride which is a kind of large capacity of viking ship ride and suitable for his venue. What’s more, 32 passengers ship swing ride is popular and common in most amusement parks. Therefore, Martin believed us and chose 32 seats pirate ship amusement ride finally.

Capacity 32 passengers
Area Size 8*12 m
Voltage 380 V
Power 13 KW
Speed Adjustable
32 seats pirate ship ride in Dinis

Various Style of viking Ship Amusement Ride for You to Choose

dragon viking ship ride for sale

For our 32 seats viking ship ride for sale, there are lots of style, color, theme for Martin to choose including dragon shape, luxury style pirate ship, customized viking pirate ship ride and etc. The most popular and hot-selling one in our factory is dragon ship ride. And then we send him some photos and videos about our dragon boat swing ride with different color and decorations. We felt happy that Martin loved yellow dragon element so much and was satisfied with them. Finally, he selected a luxurious style 32 seats viking ship ride for sale in Dinis.

What’ more, he asked to add the logo of his amusement park on the pirate ship ride body. Of course, we can meet his requirements and provide him customized service.

The Feedback of Viking Ship Ride from Colombia

On March, 8th, 2024, Martin send the feedback of that viking ship ride in his amusement park. 32 seats dragon boat swing ride attracts lots of customers including kids and adults. Most customers said they were attracted by its appearance first when they step in amusement park. Additionally, the thrilling ride experience pirate ship ride bring them made them unforgettable and excited for a long time. Some people even wanted to experience more times.

Martin felt excited because his amusement park got not only popularity but profits from that viking ship amusement ride. And we also feel happy to hear that. With more than 20 years experience, we always hope our products can bring our clients good revenue and reputation.

All in all, if you are interested in our dragon ship ride or you want to know more information of our pirate ship amusement ride, please contact us now! We will reply you as quickly as possible.