Roller coaster ride is regarded as one of the thrilling amusement rides in amusement parks. It attracts those people who pursue exciting and thrilling experience. Nowadays, whatever kids or adults, they are roller coasters suitable for them to play. Dinis, as a professional amusement ride manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, we offer different kinds of roller coaster for sale with affordable price. Now, let’s see the details.

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Factors Influence the Price of Roller Coaster for Sale

Actually, there are several factors that will influence the price. So if you want to buy a roller coaster for your park, you need to know these factors:

How Much Does A Small Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale Cost to Buy?

We provide you the approximate price range for you as a reference. Because we have different styles of kids roller coasters for sale. Due to their different design and capacity, the price is different.

small kiddie coaster


  • various style
  • safe for kids
  • customization

  • convenient to move

Large Size Amusement Park Roller Coaster Price

Generally speaking, large roller coaster has longer track length, more numbers of carriages, more spacious venue size, and more cost than small size roller coaster.

large roller coaster


  • long track
  • thrilling rides

  • large capacity
  • spacious venue

Where to Buy A Reliable Roller Coaster Ride for Sale?

If you want to buy roller coaster for your park, Dinis can be your first choice. Because we have reliable quality, thoughtful service and rich experience.

  • First, we use fiberglass to manufacturer it. Fiberglass can make the roller coaster corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and look bright and beautiful in appearance. You may find that it will not fade even though you use it for many years.

  • Second, we give you 12 months warranty and lifetime after-sales service. That means if you meet any questions during the daily use, you can ask us for help. And we also provide maintenance guide manual for you to maintain it well.

  • Finally, in Dinis, we have more than 20 years experience of designing, producing, and selling. So we know well about the market and we can recommend you the most popular roller coaster to help you make profits.

All in all, roller coaster is a good investment for your business. We give you the most affordable price if you choose us. Any questions, contact us now!