Ferris wheel ride in any amusement park is suitable and popular with almost all ages of people. However, in Dinis, we provide kiddie ferris wheel ride especially for children to play with smaller size cabins and lower height than large ferris wheel ride. In January, 5th, 2024, one of our Canada client called Marie has purchased one kind of kiddie ferris wheel ride for sale for her kids. And then last week, we received her email of the kids ferris wheel equipment feedback. Next, let’s see the detailed information during the process of our business deal.

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How Tall Is A Kiddie Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale?

In our company, we have different sizes of kids ferris wheel including 5 cabins, 6 cabins, 10 cabins, 12 cabins and so on. Each cabins can load 2 passengers. Marie wanted to know the height of different sizes children’s ferris wheel for sale. And then we send her the parameter as follows:

Cabin 5/6 pcs 10/12 pcs(double face) 12 pcs
Capacity 10/12 passengers 20/24 passengers 48 passengers
Height 6.5 m 7 m 20 m
Voltage 380 v 380 v 380 v
Power 5 kw 9/11 kw 18 kw
Volume 20 GP(12 m) 40 HQ(12 m) 3*40 HQ
Area Size 6*4 m 8*8 m 8*8 m
kiddie ferris wheel ride for sale

Because it was the first time for Marie to buy kids ferris wheel ride, she chose the relatively low height with 7 m. For this height, there is a type of hot-selling kids ferris wheel for sale in Dinis: double face kiddie ferris wheel ride for sale. Next, let’s see.

Double Face Kiddie Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

Double face kiddie ferris wheel ride has 10 cabins and 12 cabins for you to choose. And there are two sides and each side has the same numbers of cabins. This type is so popular with most of our client. And the reasons are as follows:

  • First, it can save the space of your venue. You can put it in outdoor places such as amusement park, plaza, scenic spot, carnival, fairground freely. And also you can use it in indoor limited places including shopping mall, kiddie indoor theme park and etc.

  • Second, it is a portable amusement equipment. So it is easy and convenient for you to move, install and disassemble especially in mobile market such as fair,trade show, temple fair.

  • Third, we provide various theme and style of double side children’s ferris wheel for sale for you to choose. For example, Micky Mouse theme, Winnie the Pooh style and etc. We send Marie some photos. And we were surprised that her kids love Winnie the Pooh very much. Then we talked about some details of Winnie theme double face kiddie ferris wheel later and also make sure the final design.

Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale for Kids

After determining the design, Marie told us she plan to put the observation ferris wheel ride in her backyard for her children to play. But she doesn’t know what should she pay attention to make sure the safety of her kids and extend the life span of the ferris wheel ride. Then we told her some tips:

  • First, make sure the materials of your venue ground. You should better put some soft materials such as sand, grass to induce the hurt if the kids they fall down.

  • Second, leave enough space surrounding the kiddie ferris wheel ride. So that your children cannot collision with other objects.

  • Third, check and maintain the equipment regularly. If there is problem you cannot deal with, please contact us and get solutions. And if there is bad weather, you can cover something over the ferris wheel ride to protect the surface or move it indoor.

The Feedback of The Kiddie Ferris Wheel in Canada

“Dear, my kids love your ferris wheel so much. You know our backyard becomes lively because of it. We use it for two weeks, there is no problem. My husband also praises it a lot for the great performance and attractive appearance. And thanks for your patient guidance and thoughtful service!” Marie said with pleasure. We are happy to hear that and hope that her children can have fun everyday!

In short, Marie and his family give us good reviews of our kiddie ferris wheel ride whatever in performance, appearance design and service. We hope that our products can bring you fun and also better your revenue. So if you are interested in our kiddie ferris wheel ride for sale, please contact us now!

kids ferris wheel ride for sale in Canada