Trackless train ride for sale is one of our hot-sales products. Because of its various style, reliable quality, convenient operation and customized service, most clients choose our trackless trains for sale for their amusement parks, hotels, backyards, shopping malls and etc. On December 1st 2023, an America customer called Max asked about our trackless trains. Finally, he purchased a small size trackless sightseeing train from Dinis. The followings are some details about our communication. Let’s see.

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Where Will You Use This Trackless Train Ride?

In Dinis, we have lots of different seats of train trackless including small size, medium size and large size. And each size suits different venues. Therefore, we should make sure the venue size of our clients first. And then we can recommend them suitable size road train for sale. Max told us he plan to use it in the park to improve his business. And he also sent us some photos of the park. The road of the park is not too spacious. So we recommended him small size trackless trains for sale.

Before that, we had sale some road sightseeing trains for other clients. Their park size is as same as Max’, and the feedback was great until now.

Are There Your Preferred Style of Our Trackless Train Ride?

About our small trackless trains, we sent him some photos with various style and theme. There are vintage style, simple style, crown style, cartoon theme, animal shape and etc. And among them, simple style trackless trains for sale are classic and popular. The color of each carriage is different.

Max said it is his first time to purchase train amusement ride. So he planned to buy a simple style in order to test the operation situation for few days. And if the business is better, he will buy other theme road train for sale later. That is OK. We agreed his idea and waited his good feedback.

simple style trackless train ride

Which Kind of Drive Mode of Trackless Train Ride Do You Want? Battery or Petrol?

In our factory, trackless train has two different drive modes: battery and petrol. And each drive mode has its advantages. For electric trackless train, it is quiet and friendly to environment with zero emissions. Especially in park, scenic spot and hotel, battery drive mode is the best choice. However, for petrol trackless trains, you cannot worry about the range and the climbing ability. It is suitable for places with slope or large size. Therefore, for Max, he chose battery drive mode. He wants to provide a quiet and safe trackless train with his passengers. And electric train ride is suitable for his park.

The Feedback from Max about the Trackless Train Ride

On March 7th,2024, we received the Email from Max. He said his business gets better and better. There are always lots of kids coming to his park and sitting in the trackless train ride these days. We can felt that Max is very happy and satisfied with our products. And he also told us that there is no bad situation of passengers and the trackless train. So he said that our products are durable in quality and also attractive in appearance. Next, he plans to buy other style of our trackless trains We will talk about that later.

All in all, our trackless train ride gets good reputation and feedback from our client from America. We will continue communicating with him and learn the latest situation about that train amusement ride. So if you also want to add a road sightseeing train for your venue, welcome to contact us and choose a suitable one for you.