Kids roller coaster is not only popular in public venues such as park, playground, kids’ theme park, shopping mall, plaza ans etc. However, it is also popular in backyard for personal use. In December, 8th, 2023, one of our old customers called Michael from America bought a kind of kiddie roller coaster for sale from Dinis. And before that, he had bought a large roller coaster for his amusement park and got profits. So he chose us for the second time. Now, let’s see the detailed information.

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Mini Kids Roller Coaster for Sale

Michael told us his amusement park attract more customers and also get rich profits after operating the large roller coaster from Dinis. So he was willing to buy more products from us. This time, he planned to purchase a roller coaster for his children with smaller size and more safe measures. And then we recommended him several mini children’s roller coaster for sale. For example, mini shuttle, worm roller coaster, space theme shuttle, fire theme roller coaster and so on. We showed him photos and videos of our different kids mini roller coaster rides for sale. Finally, he chose the fire theme kids roller coaster ride.

Fire theme roller coaster ride is a kind of new product in Dinis. In the center of the fire theme kids roller coaster ride, there is a unique mini building design on fire. And there are two firefighter images onthe two sides. On each roller coaster cabin, there are several water guns towards the building. So passengers can hold the water gun towards the flame just like they are saving fire. This fire theme roller coaster is attractive and popular with most kids.

Is There Portable Roller Coaster for Kids?

Michael asked us if there is portable roller coaster for kids. And then we told him that all of our mini roller coasters are portable products. So what is the portable roller coaster? What are the features of it? Let me tell you.

  • First, portable roller coaster means it is convenient and easy for you to move, install and disassemble. Because it has small size and simple structure. When you need move it to other places, you just need a container to help you transport.

  • Second, it is suitable for you to operate your business in many different venues including some flowing venues like fair, park, carnival, backyard, etc. Besides, compared to the other large mechanical amusement rides which must be installed and fixed in certain place, portable roller coaster is more flexible.

  • Third, portable roller coaster is more interactive in design and more rich in theme. In our factory, we have animal theme, train shape, water gun design and etc. Different design bring children different experience and fun.

Kids Backyard Roller Coaster

Actually, Michael planned to use the roller coaster in his backyard. Of course, the fire theme kids roller coaster is very suitable in backyard. On the one hand, his backyard has enough space to put the roller coaster ride. And on the other hand, there is water gun design on the roller coaster. So it is convenient for Michael to add water into the pool. For his kids, they can have fun as they like.

The Feedback of Kids Roller Coaster America

In March, 20th, 2024, Michael send us an email: “Hi, Dear, I must tell you this news. My kids are surprised and happy to see the roller coaster ride I bought for them. They play it almost everyday and my house is full of laughter these days. And your product has pretty good performance as always. Thanks so much.” We are happy to hear this good news and hope they can enjoy more next days.

All in all, Michael chose our kids roller coaster ride and get a lot of fun. In Dinis, we can recommend you the best product suitable for you and your venue. So if you need, please contact us now. We will reply you as soon as possible.