On March, 5th, 2024, we received an inquiry from an America client called William. He wanted to buy a pirate ship amusement ride for sale for his amusement park. Then we designed and produced a type of pirate boat ride for him according to his requirements. Now, let’s see the details.

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40 Seater Pirate Ship Amusement Park Ride

Firstly, William told us he has an amusement park with about 4000 squares. In Dinis, we provide different sizes of viking ship rides including 8-12 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats, 40 seats, etc. According to his amusement park area, we recommended him 40 passengers pirate ship ride. What’s more, there are large amounts of customers coming to the amusement park especially on holiday or weekends, 40 seater is enough to load lots of passengers at one time.

Capacity 40 seats
Power 36 kw
Voltage 380 v
Area Size 18 m*9 m
Equipment Size 16.6*7*15 mH
Running Height 11.7 m
Running Speed 11.3 m/s
Using Life 12 years
Drive Mode Friction Wheel Drive

Secondly, the whole style of this viking pirate ship ride is luxury and attractive. We used dark brown and gold as the main theme color. Because William wanted this pirate ship in amusement park become the most eye-catching equipment. So we make several plans, and finally he chose this style. Hope this luxury swinging boat amusement park ride can attract more and more customers coming and playing.

40 seats amusement park pirate ship ride

Finally, compared to those small size kids pirate ship rides, large swing boat ride can bring passengers more thrilling and exciting experience. And it is popular with those adults who pursue thrilling feelings and also groups. Different amusement equipment bring people different feelings. And for pirate boat ride, it brings people immersive experience of riding the waves.

What Materials Used for the Pirate Boat Ride for Sale in Dinis?

After making sure the capacity and style of the viking boat ride, William ask us the materials we used during the production process. For any entertainment equipment, we use the best quality because we pay more attention to the safety of passengers. In our factory, we use these materials to produce the swing boat ride as follows:

Main Structure High Strength Steel
Equipment Body FRP Material
Handrail & Fence Metal/Crafting Materials
Seat Outer Layer Leather
Transmission System Metal Materials

We use high-quality steel and meta materials to make it strong in structure. And for FRP, it can make the pirate ship ride look beautiful in appearance. More importantly, it makes the equipment corrosion resistant and wear resistant in daily use.

Customer Reviews of the Pirate Ship Ride in USA

William send us the feedback of the pirate boat ride from some customers before. And they all gave positive feedback towards the equipment. Let’s see.

“The first time I see it, I know I am going to bring my friends to play it. So today, we experienced it just now. They all love this thrilling feeling. In my opinion, pirate ship is the Non.1 game to bring me such unforgettable experience. We would like to play it one more time.”


“I love its luxury and unique appearance. When I step in the amusement park for the first time, it attracted me a lot. So I can’ help taking photos and shared it with my family. And it can be seen that the quality is pretty good, too. Really a great equipment.”

pirate ship amusement ride in USA

All in all, our pirate ship amusement ride for sale to USA gets positive feedback and also brings William considerable profits. Pirate boat ride is a good investment for your business whatever you use it in amusement park, city park, carnival, etc. So if needed, please contact us now!